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Morrisville,  NC 
United States
  • Booth: 330

LipiFlow. Treat MGD like the Experts.

TearScience, a medical device company, has pioneered technologies and leads innovation to vastly improve evaluation of meibomian glands and treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).  A progressive, obstructive disease and root cause of Dry Eye, MGD is distinguished by loss of function and structure of tear oil (meibomian) glands. MGD affects approximately 86% of the millions of Dry Eye sufferers worldwide and is highly prevalent in the general ophthalmic population. LipiView II and new LipiScan with Dynamic Meibomian Imaging™ (DMI) distinctively image meibomian gland structure. The Korb Meibomian Gland Evaluator™ assists physicians to reproducibly assess gland function.  LipiFlow uses Vectored Thermal Pulse™ (VTP) technology to precisely direct treatment from the inner-lid and has received clearance by the US Food and Drug Administration for use in patients with MGD.For additional information on how TearScience improves evaluation of MGD, meibomian gland function, and symptoms for patients with MGD worldwide, visit www.TearScience.com.

Brands: Korb Meibomian Gland Evaluator, LipiScan, LipiView II and LipiFlow