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Louisville,  KY 
United States
  • Booth: 322

TelScreen has been focused on slit-lamp imaging for 21 years.  TelScreen’s slit lamps and cameras utilize EDO technology to photodocument many subtle and early-stage medical eye conditions that are invisible to older, non-EDO devices.  EyeRes™ imaging systems provide audit-quality views of all 559 ICD-9 codes for anterior and external ocular abnormalities—while some non-EDO systems provide audit-quality views of only 300.  About three-fourths of posterior conditions can be adequately documented at the slit lamp.

EyeRes™ systems are ICD-10 ready, surprisingly affordable, provide high return on investment, and can be cash flow positive in the first month.  Although we fit a wide variety of slit lamps, we also offer the EyeRes-SL slit lamp, which is designed for optimal imaging.  Recently, we introduced the Ginger Fluorescence-Enhancing Filter.

Educate patients, change behaviors!  Many CE speakers have chosen EyeRes™ imaging systems for their practices because they understand the importance of “high impact” patient education that makes efficient use of their time.