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Love tobacco? Then you’ll be thrilled with Black Note.

We finally figured it out. People don’t choose us for our natural extraction methods, or the lengthy process that takes our hand-selected tobacco from seed to vaping liquid. They choose us for being the best in one specific area: the taste.


The genuine tobacco taste.

The genuine tobacco taste infused with high notes and low, bursts of distinctive flair supported by soothingly delicious undertones.

The genuine tobacco taste that is Black Note vaping liquids.


That doesn’t mean other aspects of Black Note are not important. They are. Every minute detail contributes to the overall Black Note symphony.

  • Our certified ISO-7 cleanroom.

  • Our six to eight-week natural extraction process.

  • Paying attention to the goodness of the earth as well as the tobacco, with recycled packaging, sustainable tobacco farming, and careful selection and blending to produce the most harmonious vaping liquids.

And that’s why we have the taste. The genuine tobacco taste.

Brands: Black Note was born out of necessity: the industry needed a vaping liquid that actually tasted like tobacco. Fine tobacco. Genuine tobacco, with no artificial gunk. So we made it.