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Pure Hemp® & Smoking® Rolling Papers and Pre-roll Cones

We exclusively sell:

Pure Hemp Classic 

Pure Hemp Unbleached

Pure Hemp Bulk Cones

Smoking DeLuxe

Smoking DeLuxe Bulk Cones

Smoking Brown 

Smoking Brown Cones

Smoking Master

Smoking Organic

Smoking Thinnest

Smoking Thinnest Brown

Smoking White

Smoking Maiz

and a variety of 

Smoking RYO Filters

Brands: Pure Hemp® Rolling Papers & Cones Smoking® Rolling Papers, Cones & Filters

 Show Specials

  • Pure Hemp AIR

    Our Pure Hemp rolling papers just got a little thinner with the introduction of our Pure Hemp AIR. Measuring a mere 12 GSM, these are the thinnest lightest pure hemp rolling papers out there.

    *ask about being one of the first to carry this ultra thin hemp rolling paper

    Pure Hemp AIR *Coming Soon*

  • Smoking® Brown Consumer Cones

    Our Smoking® Brown consumer pre-roll cones come in a conical shaped tube that is sealed with a cork stopper. Fill the tube with your filled prerolls and seal them with the cork like a bottle of fine wine. Available in 1 1/4 size 6 pks and King size 3 pks. Our refined looking packaging looks sharp on countertops at dispensaries and retail outlets.

    *ask about pallet pricing discount

  • Pure Hemp Unbleached bulk cones are crafted using a patented spiral wrap. We took inspiration from the method in which the master torcedors hand roll cigars. This patented spiral wrap helps guide the ember around as it burns, mitigating the chance of running/canoeing. Another and possibly even more important result of this rolling method results in there being zero leftover paper tail overlapping inside of your cone. We all know that any left over paper negatively affects and takes away from the taste of the flowers... and nobody wants that! All of our Pure Hemp preroll cones are finished with an unbleached paper tip/crutch. If you take pride in your pre-rolls, you should be using the best pre-roll cones available.

    Pure Hemp Pre-Roll Cones
    1 1/4 Size:83/26mm which hold +/-.75g of flowers
    King Size:110/26mm which hold 1+g of flowers

    **Ask about our special pallet pricing!**     


    Smoking DeLuxe King Size Consumer Cones
    Our Smoking® DeLuxe King size 3pk pre-roll cones....

  • Smoking DeLuxe King Size Consumer Cones

    Our Smoking® DeLuxe King size 3pk pre-roll cones come in a slick guitar case box that doubles as a preroll wallet after you have them filled. 

    *with their bold look and small footprint, these are ideal for retail stores and dispensaries.