Utilities are empowering broadband deployment across the U.S. Instead of asking for federal involvement, utilities of all stripes are finding ways to connect their communities to the internet and beyond. This track will feature a broad cross-section of the utility industry and their vendor partners about how they are answering the call to bridge the Digital Divide.

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The Emerging Technologies Track will explore developing technologies or technologies new to the utility of ICT industry and the latest technologies practical applciations to today's utility industry challenges.

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Utilities own manage and control extensive electric, gas and water infrastructure, which is supported by extensive communications infrastructure.  This infrastructure includes towers, poles, conduit and other infrastructure which third party communications providers seek access for the placement of wire and wireless communications equipment.  In addition to providing pole attachments and wireless collocation, utilities also provide dark and lit fiber capacity on a wholesale basis to third party communications service providers.  As utilities contend with ever increasing demand for faster access to more infrastructure, public policies and regulatory requirements are changing.  Also, utilities are implementing improvements in their internal processes and compliance with new RF safety guidelines.  The infrastructure track of the UTC Telecom & Technology 2020 annual conference will provide utilities with the information they need to know for permitting and constructing towers, attaching small cells to streetlights, and implementing one-touch-make-ready processes – and many other issues related to the deployment, maintenance and operation of broadband wireline and wireless communications infrastructure.   This is the place to be for everything related to utility infrastructure access.

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As utilities modernize their grids, engagement between Information Technology and Operational Technology (IT/OT) teams is essential. This track will feature case studies and lessons learned. Find out how utilities and their vendor partners are working to integrate these two functions within their organizations.

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With the energy and telecommunications industries becoming more independent, the U.S. approach to energy and telecom policies are under the microscope. This track wil cover the latest from Washington and beyond on spectrum, resilience, drone policies, and much more. As these industries converge, so too much the poloicies governing them. get the latest info in this track.

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Securing the electricity grid is a never-ending job. In this track, we will explore how different utilities are managing all kinds of threats to their systems.  If you are responsible for securing your utility's networks and/or infrastructure, this track is for you.

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The Utility of the Future is here. This track will exlore the cutting-edge technologies utilities are deploying across the country. Hear from your colleagues as they discuss trends, case studies, and best practices. The future is here; are you ready?

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Spectrum is a necessity for utility wireless communications network. This track will have the latest on industry trends and other essential intelligence that your utility needs to know.

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