Alligator Communications

Santa Clara,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 645

Welcome to Alligator Communications, licensed SCADA radios.

For over three decades, Alligator Communications has been dedicated solely to providing SCADA/telemetry wireless solutions to utility companies and  many other industries. Its Multiple Address System and Point-to-Point radios are certified by the FCC for use in Private Operations – Fixed Microwave Systems, including 220 MHz, 450 MHz, 900 MHz and 1.4 GHz licensed frequency bands. We now offer IP interface for our 2888 Series remote radio, as well as RS232 (4800 and 9600 baud), Bell 202. Automatic Frequency Control (GatorTrac) keeps all remote radios phase locked to the master''s frequency. The Model 1800 Series Master Station Radio can also be configured for full A/B hot stand-by for full redundancy. Automatic TX/RX A/B cycling may be invoked to rotate usage for maximum reliability. Robust adaptive noise reduction improves signal-to-noise, and level averaging filters out decoder drift. Automatic modulation control insures that optimum modulation levels are maintained to comply with FCC modulation constraints. Recently available are smart meters and gateways conforming to LoRaWan Alliance’s LoRaWan protocol standard.

Brands: LoRaWAN, the premier wireless solutions provider for IoT, is now available. Stop by the Alligator Communications booth for an education on this unique technology. .