Utilities are empowering broadband deployment across the U.S. Utilities of all kinds are finding ways to connect their communities to the internet and beyond. This track will feature a broad cross-section of the utility industry and their vendor partners about how they are answering the call to bridge the Digital Divide.

Utility service must be available 24/7, especially during exceptional situations such as natural disasters or cyber-attacks, both of which place high demands on people, telecommunications, and technical resources. This year’s track will explore building security into systems at the outset, what security lies beyond NERC CIP compliance, Zero Trust, and currently emerging threats to utilities’ infrastructures.

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External drivers encourage utilities to innovate, adopting new technologies, or using old technologies in new ways. For 2022, the Emerging Technologies track will explore grid stability in an age of distributed solar generation, synchronized time as a grid reliability tool, mixing telecommunications technologies for maximum grid flexibility, and data-based approaches to improve grid reliability.


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Fiber communications systems are literally the backbone of utility communication infrastructure. These support critical internal traffic as well as providing a means to offer broadband to underserved communities. This track focuses on lessons learned and practical information needed for utilities considering fiber deployment.

Every utility is unique, each with its own set of challenges. Even so, UTC member utilities learn from each other how better to operate their grids. The operational issues considered this year will include a case study from a three-year deployment of satellite telecommunications to replace leased lines, data science used to reduce line losses, technology as an enable of improved personnel safety, creative application of drone technology, and how to collaborate more effectively with your technology partners.

Public policy issues affecting utility wireless, wireline and electric, gas and water infrastructure include spectrum access and radiofrequency interference, broadband funding, and pole attachment regulations, just to name a few. This track will address the newest and most significant developments affecting utility communications and information technology interests.

5G is coming, and it’s coming quickly. The technical and logistical challenges for utilities are many and complex. This track will look at how utilities can effectively deal with and benefit from 5G rollouts in their service territories. Key topics will include wireless deployments on decorative light poles, regulatory and legal issues related to wireless attachments, issues with make-ready, macro antenna mounts, and the overall impact of 5G on utility infrastructures.

Utility wireless communications networks are a vital asset for keeping the lights on, and the water and gas flow. This track will have the latest on industry trends and other essential intelligence that your utility needs to know.

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