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Terra Bella,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 3781

Manufacturer and distributors of Plastic Tanks, Tubs, Specialty / Utility Buckets, Feeders, Feed/See Storage Drums locking lids, Full line of Plastic and Ga Poultry Feeders and Drinkers, Washable Egg Trays; Rubber Feeders. Manure Forks, plastic shovels scoops, fish tanks for aquaponics. Doggy Pools. High quality and Great Values !!!

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Lockable Feed Storage / Super Tuff Fork / EVA Mats
Introduction to Tuff Stuff Products

 Show Specials

  • (Jun 19, 2018)

    Super Comfort EVA Foam Mats 

    TSM-1.0-60 Puzzle type Charcoal 25x25x0.4 (4pack) Reg LTL $10.13  Show Special LTL $9.11

    TSMC-1.0-60 Puzzle type Charcoal 25x25x0.4 (4pack) Reg LTL $10.13  Show Special LTL $9.11



  • Full Line of rubber feeders and buckets. 10% off. Volume DC available

    Feeder pans from 2 qts to 15 gallons

    Round Bucket, Flat back buckets. 

    Square buckets. 

  • Chicken Starter Kit for Baby Chicks Item: Kit-C1. 

    Consisting of 30ea plastic jugs for water 1 qt of water or 2 Lbs of feed

    36ea feeder bases and 36ea drinker bases  in 4 colors

    Reg LTL $ 203.10

    Show Special LTL $149.24   Volume DC available


    Chicken Starter Kit for Grown Chickens Item: Kit-C2. 

    Consisting of 36ea. plastic jugs for water 1 gallon of water

    72ea. feeder bases in 4 colors and 48ea. Ground Feeders 20"long in 4 colors

    Reg LTL $ 505.43

    Show Special LTL $390.84 Volume DC available

  • FS Series: Feed Storage Drums & Locking Lids 

    FS12: 12 gal/ 50 Lbs = Reg LTL $14.50  Show Special LTL $13.77

    FS17: 17 gal/ 80 Lbs = Reg LTL $18.98 Show Special LTL $18.03

    FS26: 26 gal/ 120 Lbs = Reg LTL $28.66 Show Special LTL $27.23

    Volume DC available

  • Fun, Tuff, Flexible Tubs. Starter Kits / VOLUME DC AVAILABLE

    FlexSK1 // 112 Units. 5 sizes: 4, 7, 12, 16 gallon and 4 gallon short. 8 colors. With Display Metal Rack and Top Banner.  Reg LTL Price: $897.44        Show LTL Special: $705.83  Volume DC Available

    FlexSK2 // 48 Units. 4 sizes: 4, 7, 12 gallon. 8 colors. With Display PDQ & Top Banner.  Reg LTL Price: $297.97        Show LTL Special: $270.38  

    FlexSK3 // 24 Units. 4 sizes: 4, 7, 12 gallon. 8 colors. With Display PDQ & Top Banner.  Reg LTL Price: $159.19        Show LTL Special: $132.48 

    FlexSK4 // 20 Units. 1 sizes: 5 qts. 10 colors. With Display PDQ & Top Banner.  Reg LTL Price: $63.08        Show LTL Special: $59.92

    FlexSKV1 // 20 Units. 2 sizes: 3.75 & 5 gallon. 5 colors. With Display PDQ & Top Banner.  Reg LTL Price: $105.20        Show LTL Special: $94.68  

  • Doggy Pool Specials

    KMT101-DLX. Hvy Duty 40 gallon Tubs. Color Black. Adapter and 1/2" spigot.  

    LTL Reg $ 39.79  LTL Show Special: $35.81

    KMT103-DLX. Hvy Duty 15 gallon Tubs. Color Black. Adapter and 1/2" spigot.  

    LTL Reg $ 24.95  LTL Show Special: $22.46

    Volume Discount Available 

 Press Releases

  • Tuff Stuff Products Inc (simply TSP), a leading manufacturer and distributor in North America is showing its line of pet products at the Super Zoo for the first time.

    Tuff Stuff is well known in the Farm and Ranch Industry for its durable "Tuff"quality, Industry price low leader, and innovations. 

    TSP will show at the Super Zoo its line of : Plastic and rubber Feed Pans, Buckets, scoops, shovels, tubs, and drums, pitch forks, feed storage drums with locking lids, flexible tubs, comfort mats and much more.

    To lear more about, please visit TSP website: www.tufftubs.com

    Super ZOO Booth 3781


  • TSP has launched the new line of Locking Feed storage drums with lids, with a patented double locking system. The initial launch was 3 sizes: 12 galloon or 50 Lbs, 17 gallons or 80 Lbs, and 26 gallons or 120 Lbs. The double locking consist of : a. 2 tips on the side of the lid for a quick twint and lock and b. Stainless steel handles with plastic molded locks for a permanent lock. The FS series offer the spill proof feature, when permanently locked.  It will keep the lid closed even when tipped over with a full content.  Another feature is the natural air flow thru the lid and avoiding condensation that can ruin the content. Like all of Tuff Stuff Products the retail price points are 30% to 50% lower than other products currently in the market when measured per pound. The retailer can enjoy a 40% to 50% margin and still making it a great value to the consumer. For example the FS12 : 12 gal / 50 Lbs will retail for around $22.00.

    It is a total success in the market !!! 

  • TSP new starter Kit item Flex-SK1 is a great impulse item. 

    These well made light weight, bright color tubs have multi purpose applications and a mass appeal to the consumers. 

    TSP has sellected the best selling 5 sizes and 8 colors, arranged them in a raibow pattern color and placed them a narrow rack 2 feet wide by 8 feet tall with a color banner on top showing applications. 

    The retailers can display 40 items in 2' of linear space. What a space saving !!! Moreover the 8' towering rack with a bright color products displayed on it get the customers attention and with the attarctive retail prices and the aid of the upper banner showing the different appliactions, consumers end up purchasing multiple units. In california these tubs are great reusable shopping bag with the benefit of free standing in the trunk of the cars, since the flex tubs default shape is a round tubs. 

    Since the launch of the Flex-SK1, due to its great success, TSP is launching 4 more starter kits the SK2, SK3, SK4 and the SKV1. 

    Great products, great values, great impulse items !!!

  • (Jun 19, 2018)

    TSP item number KMT101-DLX - Heavy Duty 40 gallon oval tank with bulkhead adapter and a 1/2"spigot. 

    This is a great portable doggy pool for water lovong dogs in hot summer days. It is also a perfect bath tub to wash your dogs in your backyard and outdoor.  Comes with a standard patented 1/2"bulkhead adapter and a 1/2"spigot. The spigot can be hooked to a garden hose and use the water to drain it or reuse it to water your plants. 

    The tubs is designed to be used outdoors and have a heavy dose of UV to last long time on the outdoor. 

    No more washing your dogs in the bathroom bath tubs. No more clogging the drain with doggy hairs.  No more water splash all over the bathroom. 

    2 sizes available:

    KMT101-DLX - Heavy Duty Oal tank 40 gallon with adapter and 1/2' Spigot for large dogs

    KMT103-DLX - Heavy Duty Oal tank 15 gallon with adapter and 1/2' Spigot for smaller dogs

    Great Value !!!

  • TSP welcomes OEM production from the customers. We can assist developing the products, molds, packaging, material selection, and more. Being a large processor of plastic we have the ecomony of scale to produce your OEM products at the best prices. We guanrantee the quality stardard. Our equipments ranging from 50 ton to 7000 tons and have over 100 presses in different part of the world.  We process all resins. We have injection molding, blow molding, compression molding, rotomolding, vacuum molding and more. 3D drawing and 3D sample printing. Strick NDA agreement. You may bring your design and mold as well. 

    Stop by our booth 3781 at the Supe Zoo. 



  • Tuff Stuff offers the most complete line of Heavy Duty Oval, Round and rectanguler tanks. Sizes range from 15 gallons to 300 gallons. For decades the farm & ranch industry used TSP products for their livestock and is one of the major suppliers in North America and Asia. The reasons for being the number 1 supplier is due to its durable "Tuff"construction, high quality and being the low cost leader. TSP tanks are widely used in the aquaponic, aquaculture, hydroponics, pond liner, fountain basin, DIY, Oil Field Secondary Containments, Industrial and commercial fisheries, and other industrial sectors as well.

    TSP prices are in average 50% lower in the aminal industry. In other industries like Fishery and Industrial prices are even 200% - 400% lower than the competition. The reason of the price competitiveness are mainly 2. A: TSP is one of the largest plastic processor and thus offers the economy of scale. B. TSP price policy is to make money in the volume with a low margin. 

    TSP has been supplying the fish Farm, aquaculture and aquaponics industries in large scale for decades,

    Take advantage of the quality, low prices, and expertise from TSP.  


  • Locking Feed Storage Drum & Lid. 25,50,80,120,200#
    Heavy Duty Double locking system Feed and Seed Storage Drums with lid.
    1. Twist and lock lid.
    2. Patented handle lock.

  • Heavy Duty Double Locking Feed and See Storage Drum w/ Lid. Available now in 3 sizes: 12 gal / 50 Lbs ; 17 gal / 80 Lbs ;  26 gal / 120 Lbs.

    2 New sizes coming soon: 7 gal / 25 Lbs and 50 gal / 200 Lbs.

    The lids have 2 1/4" tips on the size. When the lid is twisted clockwise on the lip of the drum, they lock in place for a light locking. 

    At the end of the day, for a secure locking, fold up the stainless steel handle and lock the lid in a permanent way with the patented handle lock. 

    Ideal for dog and cat food. As well as for many other animals: chicken, rabbits, horse, fish, etc. 

    It is BPA free and is totally safe to keep feed and seed. 

    It has a great value and is proven good seller at retail stores nationwide. 

    Check Show Specials 

  • Heavy Duty Doggy Pool 15 & 40 gallon
    Heavy Duty Oval Tank 15 & 40 gallon capacity. With 1/2" bulkhead adapter and a 1/2" pigot for easy draining. Great for bathing, grooming, and flea dipping....

  • Heavy Duty Oval Tank.

    2 sizes: 15 gallon for small animals and 40 gallon for larger animals.

    UV rated. Ideal for outdoor use. 

    Great for doggy Pool, flea dipping, and much more. 

    Comes with 1/2" bulkhead adapter and a 1/2" spigot with 5/8" hose connector end. 

    Just hook up your garden hose and drain the water or reuse it on the plants. 

    Great value. 

    Show specials available. 

  • EVA Confort Mats
    Comfort Mats various sizes. Puzzle type or roll type.
    EVA Foam. Light weight, durable. Multi colors...

  • Full Line of EVA Foam Comfort Mats. Available in Puzzle type 16sf or 24 ft. Different thiknesses and colors. 

    Many patterns to choose from. Great feet comforter for Groomers and Retailers standing all day. 

    EVA Foam Roll mats 2 x 4 , 4 x 6 in different thickness and colors. 

    Many patterns to choose from Diamond, Grain, Almond, etc.   

    Show Specials Available

  • Super Tuff Forks
    Full Line of Plastic Barn Forks.
    Standard, Junior, Basket Shape. 4 colors. Aluminum Handles. Delta Grip
    The New STR22 " Super Tuff Rake" Virtually Unbreakable...

  • Full Line of Heavy Duty High Quality Barn Forks.

    Standard, Junior, Basket sizes. 4 Colors.

    Aluminum Handles: light weight and well balance and no rust no snap. 

    The New STR22: New Design for a virtually unbreakable Super Tuff Fork. Extra width, Aluminum Handle, Delta Grip on top for easy turning. 

    Great values and Sellers

    Check Show Specials 

    check demo video on youtube: 


  • Multi Purpose Flexi Tubs
    Multi Purpose Flexible Tubs. 8 Bright colors. 6 Sizes. Heavy Duty. Light weight.
    Different starter kits available with Metal rack, PDQs....

  • Multi Purpose Flexible Tubs. 8 Bright colors. 6 Sizes from 5 qts to 16 gallons. Regular Tubs and Sieve colander types. Heavy Duty. Light weight. Super Plyable.   
    Ideal for storage organizers for pet toys, general organizer tub, great for feeder or waterer, shopping bags, beach basket, lawn and garden and many more applications. Different starter kits available with Metal rack, PDQs for perfect impulse item. 

    Best prices in industry. 

    Check for Show specials for SK1, SK2, SK3, SK4, SKV1

  • Heavy Duty Feed Pans
    FP series: from 5 qts to 32 qts. 4 bright colors...

  • Heavy Duty line of Feed Pans. From 5 qts to 32 qts. 4 Bright colors. 

    Ideal for Feeder, waterer, 

    Show Specials

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