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The Affordable Pet Test provides a simple HAIR/FUR analysis test for pets that suffer from a Food Intolerance or Environmental Allergens. We test for 300 food and enviromental factors that could cause issues to a pet. Finding the source of intolerance symptoms allows you to make diet, environment and lifestyle changes to reduce symptoms. 

Brands: We offer test for dogs, cats, horses and Humans also.

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    Affordable Pet Test Offers Simple, Comprehensive and Affordable 

    Testing For Pet Intolerances Without A Visit To The Vet


    Simply mail in ten to fifteen strands of pet hair and in seven to ten days receive a comprehensive report that includes intolerances for 

    300 food and environmental items.


    Lawrenceville, GA (May 29, 2018) - Pet intolerances to foods and environmental factors can make any animal miserable. Redness, swelling, inflammation, constant itching and loss of hair are just a few of the uncomfortable symptoms that can be caused by an allergy. Affordable Pet Test (MSRP $144) is now offering a simple and affordable way to test pets for 300 food and environmental intolerances helping pet owners reduce their pet’s exposure to these items, thus helping to relieve uncomfortable symptoms.


    “Pets are just like people and can suffer from many different forms of reactions,” says Lisa Blaurock, President of Affordable Pet Allergy Test. “Symptoms can range from red itchy skin to diarrhea and can be caused by anything from specific food ingredients to pollen. We can perform a comprehensive test that shows what a pet is intolerant to and help pet parents mitigate a pet’s exposure to these items, and all of this can be done without a visit to the vet.”



    Testing is as simple as collecting ten to fifteen strands of hair or fur and sending them to the Affordable Pet Test office. Within seven to ten business days pet owners will receive an extensive, easy-to-understand report. The report is divided into sections that allow users to easily comprehend what catalysts are producing symptoms and to what degree. The information contained in these reports will allow pet owners to make changes to diet and/or lifestyle that will reduce a pet’s symptoms. 


    Testing using hair or fur samples is much more stable than the traditional blood test. Hair stores more information for a longer period of time and is not affected by food, stress or medications like blood testing. Additionally testing of hair can be done against 300 different items whereas blood testing can usually test for only a small range of items. And finally hair testing is less invasive than blood testing. It’s much easier to collect ten to fifteen strands of hair than it is to take a blood sample.


    “We want to help pet parents provide their pets with a more comfortable and healthy lifestyle,” added Blaurock. “This is a very simple and easy way to do that. This comprehensive and accurate test only costs $144 and couldn’t be easier to do. Once you have the results you can limit your pets exposure to the items that they react to, thus helping them lead a much more comfortable life. Believe me when I tell you your pet will truly appreciate this.”


    For more information or to begin the testing process please visit the website at


    Affordable Pet Test is one of the nation’s leading hair analysis companies. They are leading the field on consumer driven health and lifestyle choices by empowering pet parents as they search for answers for their pets suffering. With labs located in the US, they are able to provide quick and affordable findings to food and environmental intolerances. Make sure to follow Affordable Pet Test on Instagram, Twitter, and/or like us on Facebook for product updates and specials. 


  • Pet Intolerance Test
    We provide a kit for the collection of hair/fur that allows our lab to test for 300 food and environmental intolerances....

  • The Affordable Pet Test provides a simple HAIR/FUR analysis test for pets that suffer from a Food Intolerance or Environmental Allergen. Finding the source of allergy/ intolerance symptoms allows you to make diet, environment and lifestyle changes to reduce symptoms. Before it is possible to alleviate the severeness of symptoms, it is first necessary to understand what the catalyst(s) of the symptoms are.

    The non-invasive test uses the latest diagnostic technology. Testing only 4-5 strands of hair/fur, Affordable Pet Testing provides results within 7-10 business days following the sample’s arrival at the lab. There simply is not another test that makes it faster, easier, nor provides a complete report of the intolerance found.

    Affordable Pet Testing’s lab results are provided in an extensive, easy-to-understand report. While the report is intensive and comprehensive, it is divided into short, easily manageable sections that allow users to understand what catalysts are producing the allergy symptoms and to what degree.

    Testing from a hair/fur sample is sufficient to make positive and negative matches against over 300 items, both food and environmental. While there is a chance the agent causing your pet’s symptoms are not included in the base list of 300 items, it is the most comprehensive list of any test on the U.S. market today.

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