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#1 Ranked and Award Winning All-In-One Revolutionary Shedding/Bathing/Grooming Gloves

HandsOn is making grooming as natural a petting while creating a better bonding experience. Changing the way we bathe, groom and shed all of our animals. Forever.


Brands: #1 Ranked and Award Winning HandsOn® Shedding/Bathing/Grooming Gloves Jr-XL

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    Perfect for Gentle Deshedding and Bathing

    SuperZoo Booth #905

    AUSTIN, Texas – After a long day of fetching tennis balls, chasing butterflies or trotting around the yard, there’s nothing like a soft, relaxing massage. That’s why HandsOn is introducing their new Soft Gloves line. These gloves are constructed out of tough nitrile, durable PVC and nylon fabric like their predecessors, but are lighter in weight and feature super soft nodules on the fingers and palms. They’re ideal for grooming, deshedding and bathing a range of companion animals including cats, dogs and horses.

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    Grooming with harsh curry combs or metal brushes can be

    stressful for both companion animals and people. In contrast,

    these award-winning gloves are designed to create a calmer,

    more enjoyable grooming experience akin to petting. Since

    accumulated hair will not stick to the scrubbing nodules, it

    can be easily discarded with a simple flick of the wrist. Plus,

    HandsOn Gloves are constructed from materials that are

    completely hypoallergenic for sensitive pets.

    Sporting a distinctive purple color, these soft, pliable gloves are available in Junior, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes. They join HandsOn green gloves, which were launched in 2017, and the original black line, which debuted in 2015. The suggested retail price for HandsOn Soft Gloves ranges from $24.99 to $29.99. To learn more, please visit www.HandsOnGloves.com.

    About HandsOn Gloves

    HandsOn® Gloves takes an innovative approach to providing the highest quality in grooming products to the world's top trainers, athletes and the everyday animal lover. Used wet or dry, HandsOn offers a unique bonding experience to a community that believes family and animals come first. The grooming gloves provide the utmost in professional excellence while allowing pet owners hands to stay clean and give their animal(s) extra tender loving care. HandsOn Gloves has won three highly acclaimed awards in the pet industry, including first place Best in Show award at Global Pet Expo, first place for best grooming product at SuperZoo, an international pet tradeshow, and was also named a pet industry all-star by Pet Business magazine. For more information, please visit www.HandsOnGloves.com.

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  • HandsOn Bathing/Grooming/Shedding Gloves
    The first 5-fingered grooming, bathing and shedding glove offers a more enjoyable experience for you and your pet...

  • #1 Ranked, Award Winning, All-In-One Revolutionary Shedding/Bathing/Grooming/ Gloves.
    HandsOn® Gloves are a revolutionary concept that reaches far beyond the traditional curry combs, mitts, shedding blades/blocks, metal bristle brushes, and any de-shedder on the market today. Wet or dry, they won't slip or fall off while providing you and your animals with a more thorough and enjoyable bathing and grooming experience. 
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