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Tidy Dog Pet Products has unveiled its debut product line with their patent-pending Troff Bowl, a revolutionary dog bowl conceived with wellness & preventive healthcare in mind.

The Troff Bowl’s contoured inner walls are designed to return displaced food & water to the bowl’s lowest point as dogs eat and drink, while its elliptic profile allows long ears to hang off to either side during use. Coupled with the Troff’s wide base and sturdy polypropene construction, these features promote a cleaner, easier doggie dinnertime while discouraging the spread of unwanted moisture and bacteria.

“The Troff bowl was inspired by my poodle Eddie, whose constant ear infections were driving both of us crazy,” says Tidy Dog founder and CEO David Price. “I couldn’t find a bowl that kept his ears clean and dry, so I decided to design one myself. Now we’ve gone more than three years without another infection, and Tidy Dog is eager to bring every dog owner the same simple tool to help keep our best friends happy and healthy.”

Brands: The Troff Bowl The Troff Matt The Canteen


Introducing the Tidy Dog TROFF BOWL

 Press Releases

  • LAS VEGAS, NV- Tidy Dog has invented the world's most perfect dog bowl, with functions and features never seen before in a pet bowl. The corner-less walls and contoured bottom allows the food and water to naturally collect in the middle of the bowl, right where they want it. No more fighting or chasing the food and water around inside the bowl. The elliptical profile allows long ears to fall outside the bowl and helps prevent ear infections, keeping you away from the vet.

    Introducing:  The Troff Feeding Systems

    Tidy Dog is launching its Troff Feeding System, a revolutionary and patented Troff concept that was developed with innovated designs that promote better health, hygiene and the emotional wellness of our best friends, our dogs.

    According to CEO David Price, the bowl was inspired by his poodle that had

    constant ear infections because his ears and muzzle were always wet with food and water and after 24 hours that would turn into bad bacteria.

    The Troff Feeding Systems is comprised of the TROFF bowl, the TROFF mat, the TROFF canteen and the TROFF food riser with TWO patents allowed and FIVE patents pending. 

    Coupled with the Troff Bowl's sturdy construction and wide base, these features promote an efficient and cleaner mealtime for dogs while discouraging the spread of bad bacteria and unwanted moisture. The benefits of using the Troff Bowl include a tidy floor

    and limited ear and muzzle contact with food and water. It also helps fight ear infections, bad breath, dental issues, and reduces veterinary visits.

    You can personalize your Troff bowl with your dog’s photo and name.  If you prefer you can personalize it with team logos, business logos, slogans, the choices are limitless.

    For more information about the bowl, visit https://tidydog.com/troff-bowl/

    Contact Tidy Dog:  https://tidydog.com

                                     David Price

                                     (678) 234 - 1946


  • Troff Bowl
    Polypropene Body is sturdy stable & easy to clean. Elliptic profile lets long ears fall outside the bowl, contoured cornerless walls guide food to the center...

  • Key Features
    • Reduces splashing & struggles
    • Food & water re-centers in bowl
    • Ears stay dry outside the water bowl

    Key Benefits

    • Limits the muzzle and long ear fur exposure to food & water
    • Fights bad breath, ear infections, dental issues… and vet bills!
    • Keeps your dog and your floor tidy!
  • Troff Bowl Feeding Matt
    The Troff Bowl feeding matt, designed to keep the bowl in place, and makes any clean up needed ultra-simple....

  • The Troff Bowl feeding matt, designed to keep the bowl in place, and makes any clean up needed ultra-simple.  

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