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Our Focus

At EPEC Disc Sports we love the outdoors and we love our dogs. From our factory located in Reno Nevada under the shadow of beautiful Mt. Rose, our team is focused on delivering exceptional products based on user experience design and ergonomic engineering.

Our Team

EPEC Disc Sports came to fruition when the inventors at Consortia Development, Inc. (“CDI”) engineered the EPEC Disc Launcher to make disc-throwing easier and more fun for everyone. With over 100 years of combined design and manufacturing expertise and 53 patents in the orthopedic industry, the CDI team uses their knowledge of orthopedics, biomechanics and ergonomics to develop innovative and proprietary new products.

Our Products

Using leverage and the laws of physics, the EPEC Disc Launcher can send a disc flying while helping to minimize undue stress on the thrower's shoulder, elbow and wrist. Made from FDA-grade elastomer, the disc is dog-safe and dog-tough yet flexible enough for easy grip and carry.  Tested for efficient flight in all types of weather, the adjustable tuner allows users to customize their experience for speed and distance.

Whether you are using the launcher with your dog or trying to beat a record throw with your friends, the EPEC Disc Launcher makes for hours fun and activity outdoors.

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 Show Specials

  • The 10 pack includes:

    10 Epec Disc Launchers* and 10 extra Epec Discs

    *any combination of Classic or Voyager Launcher 

    A store display clearly marked not for sale of a Classic Launcher with Disc will allow your customers to try the hands-free loading feature and feel the easy swing of launching the disc.

    The Epec Disc Launcher is a unique gift selection for your Holiday Gift Guide display.

 Press Releases

  • Reno, NV – August 9, 2019 Consortia Development based in Reno, Nevada will be introducing its first consumer product release of the EPEC Disc Launcher at the SuperZoo Pet industry tradeshow in Las Vegas August 19, 2019. This new device allows users to easily send a disc 30-60 yards or more.

    “Some users have achieved distances of over 150 yards which makes this disc sports product not only an ideal pet toy but also a family friendly disc sports tool for interactive and competitive play,” said Michael Fisher, president of Consortia Development, Inc. and co-creator of the EPEC Disc Launcher. “This unique new product includes a hands-free loading feature for a more slobber-free experience.”

    The EPEC Disc Launcher comes with a dog-safe, dog-tough disc which is soft enough for easy grip and carry, and it even floats. The EPEC Disc Launcher, developed and produced Reno Nevada is the first in a series of enhanced launching devices geared for the pet, sporting goods, and recreation markets.

    For more information or to view a live-action video visit www.epecdisc.com or find the EPEC Disc Launcher on Instagram (@epecdisc) and  Facebook (EPEC Disc Sports).

    About Consortia Development:

    Consortia Development Inc., is a fully vertically integrated product development and manufacturing company based in Reno Nevada with over 100 years of combined design and manufacturing expertise in the orthopedic device industry. The CDI team uses their knowledge of orthopedics, biomechanics and ergonomics to develop innovative and proprietary new products.


  • The EPEC Disc Launcher
    The 19" Classic and 24" Voyager: High quality personally adjustable launching systems, dog safe disc. Customizable settings for users of all ages. SRP $27 -$29...

    • Introduced in April 2019 and shipping NOW just in time for summer.
    • The EPEC Disc Launchers make disc sports fun and accessible to every member of the family.
    • Now anyone can launch a disc for their dog 30-60 yards.
    • Experienced throwers will go past 100 yards.
    • Hands free loading
    • Personally adjustable tuning to achive optimal results
    • Designed and produced in Reno Nevada.
  • Epec Dog Disc
    The Epec Dog Disc is a disc that comes with the EPEC Disc Launcher and is also available as a stand alone item. The soft pliable disc is aerodynamic and a favorite among dogs and their parents.


  • The EPEC 8.5" disc is designed for maximum distance with the EPEC Disc Launcher.

    • Made from FDA approved dog-safe elastomeric polymer that is safe to chew
    • Durable yet flexible for easy grip and carry
    • Excels in all types of weather and it floats!
    • Bright color increases visibility and helps prevent lost discs
    • Easy to clean- just rinse off.

    An extra disc can provide more options for seek and play activity with your dog or just enjoy with your friends.

    SRP $14

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