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  • Selfie stick allows dog owners to take the perfect pooch pictures

    August 15, 2019; San Diego, Ca – Millions of dog owners attempt to snap selfies of themselves with their favorite pooch. Unfortunately, taking Instagram worthy selfies with a canine isn’t easy. Holding a dog’s attention can be a struggle when getting that perfect picture.

    Pooch Selfie creator Jason Hernandez wanted to change the results of his photo attempts with his dog Logan. After countless frustrating attempts to take selfies with Logan, Hernandez had an idea. He devised a smartphone attachment to attract Logan’s attention during photos. Since then, Hernandez has had no difficulty snapping creative selfies with his dog.

    The squeaky tennis ball smartphone attachment not only got Logan’s attention for selfies but the pet owning public took notice too. Hernandez launched Pooch Selfie online were he successfully sold 60,000 units of the product at $9.99 each. The pet entrepreneur was even able to get Pooch Selfie into Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Ace Hardware, and Chewy were it reached even more customers around the United States.

    Hernandez initially got Pooch Selfie off the ground through a Kickstarter campaign in 2015. The canine selfie stick creator sought $7,000 to launch the product online. However, dog lovers overwhelmingly backed the Pooch Selfie attachment pledging nearly $40,000 from 1,625 backers. It led to Pooch Selfie’s early success as dog owners flooded social media with selfies of them with their dogs.

    Despite the Pooch Selfie’s success, the San Diego entrepreneur wanted to expand the product’s reach. In 2019, Hernandez took Pooch Selfie to the next level with an appearance on ABC’s hit television show “Shark Tank”. Hernandez pitched his product to the sharks in March and received a $100,000 investment for 33.3% equity from fellow dog lover and FUBU CEO Daymond John. Having just lost his dog, Hernandez’s pitch pulled on John’s heartstrings and a deal was struck between the two.

    With John onboard, Hernandez has big plans for Pooch Selfie which includes attending SuperZoo in late August. The pup picture go-getter turned his desire to take great pictures with his best friend, his dog Logan, into a successful product. Now, he is a successful entrepreneur ready to take his unique selfie attachment to new customers.

    About Pooch Selfie

    Pooch Selfie is a unique smartphone attachment that takes advantage of a dog’s natural draw and focus to a tennis ball. The attachment allows dog owners to hold their canine’s attention while they snap a selfie. The Pooch Selfie allows dog owners to take perfect pictures of their best friend.


    Contact details

    Company: Clever Dog Products LLC

    Product: Pooch Selfie

    Website: https://poochselfie.com

    Contact: Jason Hernandez, creator and CEO

    Email: mail@poochselfie.com


  • Pooch Selfie
    AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK! Pooch Selfie is the original dog selfie smartphone accessory which helps dog lovers take the best pictures and selfies with their dogs....

  • Pooch Selfie is the first ever dog selfie accessory which completely changes the way we take pictures with our pets. Pooch Selfie utilizes the power of a tennis ball to hold your dog’s attention while you capture the best pictures and selfies with your dog. Simply attach our universal smartphone clip to your device and mount our Pooch Selfie squeaky tennis ball to the clasping mechanism and voila, you have instantly become a master pet photographer. Watch as you capture picture after picture of your dog actually looking right into the camera. Use Pooch Selfie to capture portraits of your dog you can place on every wall in your home. Switch to selfie mode on your smartphone and use Pooch Selfie to snap away selfies which are perfect for sharing on social media.