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Honest Paws, widely recognized as the #1 brand in the CBD pet category, has been a pioneer in this space.  Offering unique delivery methods that dogs and cats just love, Honest Paws' line of products has been one of the fastest growing brands in pet retail.  Why consider an unproven brand?!?  Come by and say hi!  Booth 4178



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  • Honest Paws Bites
    Offered in 3 different recipes: Calming, Relief and Restore versions. All 3 are made using human-grade, organic ingredients using our premium, organic CBD oil. Now NASC certified, Honest Paws continues to be a leader in the CBD category....

  • Honest Paws Bites come in three different versions with each having a unique recipe and CBD oil based on the terpene profile of specific hemp strains.  Put simply, there are many different strains of hemp with each one producing an oil that is more effective for certain use cases than others.  This is why we use a different CBD oil for our Calming Bites than what is used in our Relief or Restore Bites.  Nobody else in the industry does this.  This is probably also why our customers have developed an almost cult-like following.  Our stuff work and works VERY well.  Honest Paws bites are one of the most searched brand by name when it comes to CBD dog treats.

    The Calming Bites, made with human-grade, organic ingredients, is one of our most popular skus.  Ideal for canines that suffer from seperation anxiety (the reason why your shoes get chewed up), travel stress (who likes flying anyways), fireworks (think 4th of July and New Years Eve), or simply an easily-exciteable disposition (ie. a barking machine).

    The Relief Bites include organic turmeric which is known to be an anti-inflammatory compound to help ease joint and muscle pain.  Like the rest of our Bites, the Relief version comes with 5mg of CBD per bites and 30 per bag (ideal for driving monthly-recurring customers).

    The Restore Bites include organic coconuts to help canines restore and maintain very healthy skin and a shiny coat.  Every version of Honest Paws Bites come with a score line down the middle of each piece, allowing for easier feeding of smaller or older dogs.  

    All Honest Paws products are GMO-free, Soy-free and proudly made in the USA.


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