Nepal Dog Treat LLC (NDT)  

Virginia Beach,  VA 
United States
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Nepal Dog Treat (NDT) is a global company focused on all-natural dog chew products made using the Nepali Chhurpi recipe. This organic method uses Himalayan Yak milk to produce hard, smoked cheese - providing a wholesome and long-lasting dog chew. NDT chews are easily digested, do not contain grain or chemical additives, and are handmade in Nepal.  NDT is operated by business professionals Barry Blackburn and Govinda Banjade.  The two met while completing their MS in Data Science at GWU-DC in 2019.  NDT is agile, amply funded, and able to deliver on commitments of 250kg to 10,000kg and more.

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  • NDT Natural Dog Chew
    NDT dog chews are premium 100% all-natural products made in the Himalayas of Nepal. NDT chews are crafted from hard, smoked cheese made from Yak's milk. Our chews provide your dog with a pure, wholesome, and long lasting chewing experience....

  • CHEWING IS CRITICAL TO YOUR DOG’S HEALTH!  It exercises jaw muscles, helps scrape away dental plaque, provides relief from irritated gums, helps to relieve boredom, and can provide valuable nutrients.  NDT Natural Dog Chews are premium 100% all-natural products crafted by hand in Nepal using organic techniques.  NDT chews are made of hard, smoked cheese that is produced in the Himalayas using ONLY Yak and Cow milk, Salt, and Lime Juice.  There are no additives or preservatives!  NDT Natural Dog Chews:

    • Promote dog's serenity, attention span, and good behavior.
    • Provide valuable nutrients such as protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, but with very low fat content.
    • Improve breath odor, teeth, and gums.
    • Redirect unhealthy habits such as gnawing on furniture or clothes.

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