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Peterian is the company specialized in R&D of the animal's drug delivery system.

We aim at leading a healthy and happy life based on a strong bond between animals and humans.

Dr. Won, the CEO of the company, is licensed as a veterinarian in the U.S. and Canada, also he is certified as a Pharmaceutical compounder at the University of Florida, School of Medicine.

Everyone in the team and the CEO are doing their best to deliver the products to customers with nature's purity and greatness.



    HEALFAST is assists healing wound through providing moisturized environment around the wound and forming a protective membrane.

    It helps to prevent infections and protects against insects through powerful anti-bacterial/ anti-inflammatory functions....

  • HEALFAST is a wound-healing spray for animals with 100% natural & high-quality ingredients.

    Natural and high-quality essential oil makes HEALFAST’s fragrance better.

    Artemisia annua extracts, the main ingredient of HEALFAST, brought the Noble Prize to China with its powerful anti-bacterial / anti-inflammatory effects.

    Our product is easily applicable to parts where banding is difficult (head, neck, groin, joints and rump, etc) 

    Additionally, HEALFAST can prevent animals from licking their wound with its bitter taste temporally.

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