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100% Certified Compostable Dog Poo-Paw Mitts! Grabbies Poo-Paws are over-sized to fit like a mitt, and allow for maximum dog waste pickup. Poo-Paws have 2 extended strips for easy tying and have a guaranteed shelf life of 3 years. Made in the USA!. Let's all help eliminate plastic buildup in the landfills and oceans by using compostable dog poop bags! Visit grabbies.com or call 800-935-2059 for more information.

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  • Individual Pocket Packs with 10 Poo-Paws just $.069, Medium Size Box with 60 count $2.99 and Large Pack 100 Poo-Paws $3.99 only during show at Booth 6506! 

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    Colorado Company Launches “Grabbies POO-PAW” Dog Mitts to Help Eliminate Plastic Buildup in Landfills & Oceans
    100% Compostable POO-PAW Mitts are offered at select Hardware locations across the US and coming soon to Convenience Stores & Drug Stores
    DENVER, Colo., May 7, 2019 – Dog Poop Bags are made of plastic. The kind of plastic that builds up in our landfills and oceans. In fact, a 2017 study showed that most dog poop bags are made of plastic and do not decompose. To provide an alternative to plastic dog poop bags, Colorado-based Grabbies Media created Grabbies POO-PAW – 100% certified compostable dog poop mitts. 69% of households in the US have a pet, and 80% of pet owners have at least one dog. That’s a lot of plastic bags filled with dog poop every day.

    Grabbies POO-PAW Mitts were designed so everyone can do their part to help eliminate plastic build up in our landfills and oceans.“We saw an opportunity to create a product that helps stop the buildup of plastics in our oceans and landfills,” said Jacquie Perello, President of Grabbies Media. The POO-PAW Dog Mitt is oversized to fit like a glove, allowing consumers to use their entire hand to pick up dog waste. Each POO-PAW comes with 2 extended strips for easy tying. It also includes a dog’s paw imprinted on the back. Grabbies POO-PAWs are surprisingly priced especially when considering the recent tariff issued on products imported from China. The Grabbies POO-PAW will be available in certified recyclable packaging in small, convenient to carry, Individual Pocket Packs of 10, Medium Packs of 60, Large Flex Packs of 100 and Extra-large Flex Packs of 200.

    Now consumers that use a plastic bag to pick up their dog’s waste, and leave the bag on a trail, can rest assure the bag will decompose along with their dog’s waste. These POO-PAWs are environmentally friendly and will help keep our communities from spreading potentially dangerous germs. ‘We were surprised to learn that there is nothing else like it in our market. Many companies claim to have a compostable bag, but when you read the fine print, they are bags produced in China and are made from recycled plastic.”

    Grabbies POO-PAW debuted at the National Hardware Show in May 2019 to great demand. Through a presale program, Grabbies POO-PAWs will soon be available at select Hardware Stores and Convenience Stores throughout the US, Canada and Europe. Grabbies Media secured a booth at SuperZoo in August 2019 where they expect to reach their ideal target audience; Pet Store Owners and Buyers. Pending the success of the POO-PAW launch, Grabbies Media will increase availability at Grocery Stores, Drug Stores, Veterinary Clinics and local City Parks across the US in the coming months. “Our hope is that consumers realize the importance, and ease, of using a 100% Compostable Dog POO-PAW to pick up their dog’s waste,” said Perello. “It is an added bonus for us to provide consumers an overall Eco-friendlier product that is also Made in the USA!”

    Grabbies will soon be available at these retail locations:

    Grabbies are 100% certified compostable. The Mitts are made entirely of plant products and harmlessly disintegrate. The Mitts are completely made in the USA and have a Dogs Paw printed on one side.

    For more information visit Grabbies.com or like us on Facebook @grabbiesgloves.


    Grabbies Media, LLC, founded in 2016 in Colorado, created Grabbies Gloves to provide a cleaner, healthier gas pump experience for consumers by protecting their hands from germs and odors. Grabbies are available at select gas stations and include a customizable tear-off coupon, which increases store traffic and sales for key brands by putting a deal literally in the hands of gas pump purchasers. Grabbies Media has since expanded its product line to include the Grabbies POO-Paw for dog lovers, and the Grabbies Food Service Glove.

    To learn more visit www.grabbies.com or like us on Facebook @grabbiesgloves.


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    100% certified compostable dog Poo-Paw Mitts. Grabbies Poo-Paws are over-sized to fit like a mitt, and allow for maximum waste pickup. Poo-Paws have 2 extended strips for easy tying and have a guaranteed shelf life of 3 years. Made in the USA!...

  • 100% certified compostable dog Poo-Paws. Brand new product just released. Do your part and stop contaming landfills and oceans with plastic. Your dogs waste decomposes, and how your dogs poop bag will too! Over-sized mitts that fit like a glove let's you use your entire hand to pick up waste. Available only at poopaws@grabbiesmedia.com or 1-800-935-2059. Coming soon to grabbies.com. 

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