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Orange,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 624

Please visit booth 624 if you're looking for revolutionary, cool, new and unique, yet durable and functional, dog products never seen before. You will be impressed and, perhaps, might even win a nice prize in our drawing. We look forward to meeting you.

Surf City Pet Works is a pet products manufacturer of innovative, unique and trendy pet products made of durable high-quality materials. Founded and based in Orange County, CA, our products are designed to encourage, employ and enforce a stress-free environment that promotes health and wellness for both pets and their owners. Our revolutionary designs not only look cool, but the price-for-performance of features, benefits and functionality don't exist anywhere else in the world today. After over a year of testing, refining, QA and finalizing, we are excited to introduce our new, never seen before, products to the market:

  • Hang Eight Hands Free/Tangle Free Leash with an integrated waterproof replaceable LED Night Light and removable/refillable Neoprene Poop Bag Dispenser with Bio-Degradable Poop Bags (Patent Pending).

  • Hang Eight Massage Therapy Jacket made of Neoprene and strong Velcro connections with integrated removable vibration modules, 3 vibration speed settings, battery level indicator, auto-shut off, rechargeable power supply with USB charging cable, ventilated storage bag and integrated waterproof replaceable LED Night Light (Patent Pending).

Brands: Our two "Hang Eight" flagship products mentioned above also provide consumers the ability to purchase additional and/or replacement accessories such as: - LED Night Lights including batteries available in various colors and in a single pack or three pack. These LED Night Lights are of the same dimensions and functionality, thus can be used with either the Leashes and/or the Massage Therapy Jackets. - A replacement Neoprene Poop Bag Dispenser for the Leashes (if lost or missing). - Bio-Degradable Poop Bags refills with the Surf City Pet Works logo. Comes in a 6 roll pack with 20 bags per roll for a total of 120 bags. - Replacement vibration modules for the Massage Therapy Jackets (if lost or damaged) as the vibration modules are detachable as the jacket can be used with or without the vibration modules.

 Press Releases

  • ORANGE, CA – August 17, 2019 --- Revolutionary Orange County pet wellness brand, Surf City Pet Works, will be launching a fresh new range of stress relief dog wellness products never seen before at this year’s SuperZoo show at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas August 20 – 22.  Two of the hottest, hippest and trendy lines in pet products with integrated accessories this year will be on display at SuperZoo in Booth #624.

    The Hang Eight Hands Free / Tangle Free Leash is a game changing dog leash for Stress Free Security of your most prized “non-human” family member. Made with the same materials and durable construction that surfers and body boarders rely on, the Tangle Free coiled cord and comfortable Hands Free Neoprene padded handle truly makes for easy securing of the leash to anything 3 – 7 inches in diameter without ever having to remove the leash clasp from the dog collar. The coiled cord technology totally eliminates tangling of the leash in the dogs legs. The leashes come in a variety of colors and are 5.5 feet in length. There are regular versions, Traffic/Short Leash versions and a 4.5 foot all Nylon version as well. All the leash lines include a high-powered waterproof LED Night Light with battery and a refillable/removable lightweight Neoprene waste bag dispenser loaded with 20 poop bags. The Night Light is visible from up to 1500 feet away, has 3 light settings, and offers available replacement colors in blue, green, red, pink, yellow and white, making it a fully integrated “all-in-one” leash system.

    The Hang Eight Massage Therapy Jacket is the worlds most advanced wellness jacket for dogs. With research backed integrated vibration massage technology, this jacket provides unrivalled stress relief and circulation therapy, which is perfect for improving mobility, warming up and easing soreness in muscles or stiffness in joints, which is especially great for older dogs. The Massage Therapy Jacket comes with a reusable and breathable storage bag, user manual, Micro USB Charging cable and integrated LED Night Light for use outdoors or low-light areas. The vibration module comprised of rechargeable power supply and four massage motors, is housed in a removable pocket so the vibration module can be position where you want the vibration module positioned for use without the vibration technology and/or when washing the jacket. The Surf City Pet Works Massage Therapy Jacket is setting a new standard of technology for dog wellness.

    Greg Dovidio, President of Surf City Pet Works, had this to say, “After 20+ months of evaluating, sampling, and testing, we are so thrilled to finally release these revolutionary, cool yet ultra-effective, quality products to the market. Today’s pet owners, like myself, want what’s best for or pets, which is why we created quality products that our fellow consumers can identify with.” Moreover, “Our integrated replacement accessories work in either of our two flagship product lines. Basically, we’ve created a fully integrated leash and massage therapy jacket system or solution which is a win/win for the pet and the pet owner.”

    About Surf City Pet Works

    Founded in Southern California, Surf City Pet Works was created by dog lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike to Design and Manufacture the Best Stress Relief Dog Wellness Products on the market with Emerging Technologies at an Affordable Price. Visit to learn more or call (888)580-3334 for dealer opportunities.

    About SuperZoo, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

    With over 1000 suppliers and 10,000 retail buyer attendees, SuperZoo is the most-attended pet industry trade show in North America, established as an annual gathering place for the entire pet products retail industry to connect, learn, conduct business and build relationships. The show has grown considerably over the years and now boasts more buyers and education hours than any other industry event on the continent. With its rich education offerings, easy-to-shop show floor and energizing, fun-filled atmosphere, SuperZoo has earned its reputation as North America’s premier pet retail event—and the industry’s most productive and vibrant trade show of the year.


  • Hang Eight Hands Free / Tangle Free Leash
    Our revolutionary leash designs not only look cool and come in a variety of colors, but the price-for-performance of features, benefits and functionality don't exist anywhere else in the world....

  • The Unique Features and Benefits of our Hands Free / Tangle Free Leashes Include:

    • Hands Free Strap Technology – fully opening and closing strap-handle for easy placement around the wrist, ankle, bench, stroller, fence, bicycle, boat handle, chair, tree limb, jungle gym, and just about anything 3 to 7 inches in diameter.
    • Stress Free Security – easily attach and secure the strap-handle to whatever your use requires without ever having to remove the leash clasp from the dog collar.
    • Tangle Free Technology – coiled cord eliminates tangling in the legs.
    • Strength Tested – coiled cord is made of the same material that body borders and surfers have rely on. They have been strength-tested to support up to 400 lbs.
    • Coiled Cord also keeps leash above ground and out of the way of any “doggy discharge”.
    • Comfortable Neoprene padded Velcro strap-handle.
    • Corrosion free metal clip and swivels for easy mobility and reliable durability.
    • Sand and Dirt Friendly – rinse in a sink or with a garden hose for easy cleaning.
    • Also Included with Every Leash is:
      • An integrated waterproof and replaceable 10 Lumen High-Power LED Night Light with long-lasting Lithium battery
        • The LED Night Light is visible from up to 1500 feet away
        • Comes with 3 light settings: Triple Blink, Blinking, Always On... with an Auto Shut-Off feature after two hours if not turned off manually
      • A removable and refillable lightweight Neoprene Poop Bag Dispenser secured by Velcro 
      • A 20 bag roll of Bio-Degradable Poop Bags with the Surf City Pet Works logo
      • Replacement LED Night Lights - Single Pack and 3 Pack of replacement Night Lights with batteries in various colors (Blue, Green, Red, Pink and Yellow)
      • Replacement Poop Bag Dispenser - If you so happen to need a replacement poop bag dispenser, we have a single pack replacement available
      • Replacement Bio-Degradable Poop Bags - We have a 6 Pack of 120 waste bags (20 bags per roll) with the SCPW logo available when needed

  • Hang Eight Massage Therapy Jacket
    Made of Neoprene with strong Velcro connections, our Massage Therapy Jackets are designed to relieve Stress and Anxiety and stimulate Calm and Relaxation while helping improve mobility and well-being....

  • The Unique Features of the Massage Therapy Jacket Include:

    • Designed to help relieve stress-related tension in the muscles, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments and increase circulation, thus helping with and/or improving a dog's mobility, health and well-being, especially with older dogs.

    • Designed to relieve stress-related activities associated with: car travel, fireworks, weather storms, separation anxiety, grooming, training, car travel, air travel, visits to the vet, emergency vehicle sirens, barking from other dogs, hotel/restaurant etiquette, etc.

    • Made of comfortable Neoprene with Velcro connections, the jacket is lightweight and durable.

    • The vibration module is housed in a removeable pocket for easy removal/reinstallation of the vibration module and motors before and after washing the jacket.

    • The vibration module pocket is connected to the jacket by strong Velcro that ensures the vibration module and motors stay in-place for consistent massaging.

    • Control pack includes:  a Li-Po rechargeable battery, battery level indicator, and Micro USB charging cable.

    • Multiple vibration speed setting options: Slow Pulse, Alternating Pulse, Fast Pulse. Constant Vibration.

    • Auto shut-off after 20 minute cycle if not turned off manually.

    • Packaging is a Breathable and Reusable Storage Bag.

    • Detailed User Manual.

    • LED Night Light with Battery that has 3 light settings: Triple Blink, Blinking, Always On... with an Auto Shut-Off feature after two hours if not turned off manually

    • Replacement LED Night Lights Available - Single Pack and 3 Pack of replacement Night Lights with batteries in various colors (Blue, Green, Red, Pink and Yellow).

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