Bio Agens Research and Development - BARD, s.r.o.

Praha 6,  Czech Republic 
Czech Republic
  • Booth: 6865

In 2006, Bio Agens Research and Development was founded to research, develop and produce products containing Pythium oligandrum for use in human and veterinary care. Veterinary products are based on the microbiological properties of Pythium oligandrum which suppresses fungal and bacterial infections without any side effects and no resistance.

Brands: Clever Fungus ECOSIN; Clever Fungus Dermasin Oil; Clever Fungus Paw Balm; Clever Fungus Vet Ointment: suitable for the care of skin prone to fungal infections, promoting natural growth of microbial flora, prone to chafing, treating symptoms of thrush in horses, for sensitive, dry, and chapped skin.