Katie's Pet Products Inc.  

Golden,  CO 
United States
  • Booth: 4566

Katie's Pet Products is a distributor of fine and unique holistic supplements for dogs, cats and people.  Our soul mission is to help BOOST THE IMMUNE SYSTEM and REDUCE INFLAMMATION.  We are here to help your clients give their pets more mobile, stronger, calmer, longer lives. We have some fun things for us humans! Booth Deals:12% -22% off. Low minimums.  Bring a friend and introduce them to our lines and we will give you a special thank you gift.  Come see us in the Made in USA area.Booth 4566.

Brands: Myristin Hip and Joint, Canna Companion CBD, Treatibles CBD, NuLeaf CBD, Apra CBD for Humans, Aloha Medicinal Mushrooms, PetnPeopl, Ayush Ayurvedics, Thyme Out, Earth Heart Aromatherapy, Black Gold Pets Styptic Powder, Maxwell Pets, EnerHealth Coffee and Cocoa, Books by Dr. Deva Khalsa.


  • Canine Calm® Aromatherapy Spray
    Canine Calm® Aromatherapy Spray by Earth Heart® Inc., can relax and comfort dogs during thunderstorms, fireworks, boarding, grooming, training, adoption, crating, hospice or clinic visits. NEW packaging. NEW branding. 100% plant ingredients!...

  • You asked for a calming spray with noting synthetic, and we found the solution! Canine Calm® Aromatherapy Spray by Earth Heart® Inc., is a water-based spray with 100% plant ingredients. Pure essential oils of bergamot, lavender, tangerine, geranium rose, marjoram and ylang ylang have been clinically tested to help promote relaxation, reduce agitated behavior, improve mood, calm fears, and may help reduce odors and nervous bladder. The NEW sunflower-honeysuckle preservative system provides the same shelf life as synthetics, and leaves no residues or stains. Canine Calm spray is safely formulated to use as often as needed. At the first sign of upset, lightly mist your fingertips and gently massage your dog’s outer ears; mist a favorite bandana or bedding; repeat as needed. It’s safe for canine, equine and human use from 10 weeks of age. Canine Calm aromatherapy spray also works well with hemp-based products. Developed and owned by Vicki Rae Thorne, with 3 decades of aromatherapy formulations expertise.