PupLid Trucker Hats for Dogs

San Diego,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 4866

PupLid manufactures and sells Trucker Hats for Dogs and matching Trucker Hats for Humans. Designed with our patent-pending Furfect Fit™ system, puplids are adjustable, comfortable and stay on active dogs. Made by a veterinarian and an engineer to protect their own dog’s eyes. Resellers can customize puplids with their logos to offer a unique product.


  • XS PupLid Trucker Hat for Dogs
    The PupLid XS Trucker Hat is a hat that dogs will actually wear! Its innovative patented design and proprietary Furfect Fit system ensures the hat stays comfortably in place on even the most active dogs, while shielding their eyes from the sun....

  • Fashion and function unite with the XS PupLid Trucker Hat for Dogs! The XS PupLid is our most recent addition, designed to fit dogs approximately 8 to 14 lbs., including Chihuahua, Dachshund Miniature, Poodle, Jack Russell, Maltese, Papillon and Pomeranian.

    Created by pet parents – an engineer dad and a veterinarian mom – and inspired by their own dog, Buddy, to make a well-fitting hat to protect his eyes from the sun. The XS PupLid hat offers protection from harmful sun exposure for small dogs with light-colored eyes, iris atrophy, pannus and sunburn-prone skin, as well as from UV-induced cancer of the eyes and eyelids.

    The XS PupLid comes with the patent-pending Furfect Fit system for optimal comfort and adjustability. Furfect Fit includes five points of contact and a chin strap that slides forward or backward to adjust to each dog's head shape and can be locked in place with side toggles. The XS PupLid is made from the same materials used to make premium human trucker hats.