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Sabyloo is a company dedicated to bringing you gift items that help you celebrate your love for your pets. From our distinctive and colorful Sabyloo sock line which boasts more than 135 breeds, made of 80% Egyptian Cotton, to our artisan hand-crafted keyrings and our super popular "Raining Cats and Dogs" umbrellas. Come by and see us!!!

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  • Sabyloo Dog Lover Gifts
    Sabyloo is a company dedicated to offering gift items to celebrate our pets. From our distinctive Sabyloo sock line, to our artisan hand-crafted needlepoint keyrings and our popular "Raining Cats and Dogs" umbrellas. Something for all at Sabyloo....

  • Sabyloo is proud to offer dog and cat themed gifts.

    Sabyloo socks are an absolute favorite at Christmas Markets in NYC and at the Westminster Dog Show.

    Sabyloo Keyrings are hand-stitched with leather component and gold tone keyring for an elegant touch.

    Sabyloo "Pup" art tiles can be used as perosnal coasters or incorporated into home or wall decor.

    Sabyloo ceramic and crystal Ornaments collections are new for 2021.

    The Story of Sabyloo

    My love for animals has been there ever since I can remember. But my relationship with dogs 

    left the biggest impression. As my constant companions throughout my childhood, I quickly learned that 

    their loyalty and friendship is unparalleled.

    I started designing socks in 2007. In 2008 we set up a small shop at a Holiday market in NYC.

    To my surprise and delight the NYC public was charmed and happily bought my little creations. 

    I continued to add breeds throughout the years as well as other dog themed gifts.

    Sabyloo now offers over 150 breeds in men’s and women’s sizes.

    Sabyloo socks are made of 80% Egyptian cotton which is known for its durability and softness.

    In 2012 Sabyloo was accepted as a vendor at the 2013 Westminster Dog Show. I was nervously excited

    to be among the most critical of dog lovers. But, thankfully, the dog show public appreciated my work. 

    Their constructive criticism often inspired me to keep going.

    Did you know that a Papillon's ears should be at a 45-degree angle? Or that a Chow Chow's tongue is purple? 

    OR that a Brittany hasn't been considered a Spaniel in DECADES? 


    From 2012-2014 I encountered a series of personal tragedies and shortly thereafter adopted a stray puppy.

    I named her Lucy and we became inseparable. While some may say I rescued her, it was she who rescued me.

    A couple of years later I adopted another puppy, Hope. Lucy and Hope are featured on Sabyloo’s logo!

    In 2016, I had the opportunity to help rescue puppy from overseas. With the help of friends,

    we were able to place him in a loving home. It was suddenly clear I’d found a perfect way to give back

    to the precious creatures that give us so much. Sisters N Paws Rescue was founded and we helped

    rescue quite a few lucky ones. While initially we were directly involved in the rescue missions,

    Sabyloo now focuses on donating a portion of profits to other rescues who are more established.

    In 2020 I learned about a little pup who was thought to be a hospice case. Munchkin. It was love at first sight. I adopted him 

    and opted for a risky but life-saving surgery. Munchkin is now healthy and a part of the Sabyloo pack.

    Making a positive difference in the rescue world has been the most rewarding thing in my life.

    We may not rescue them all but together we make a difference.