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Juvenia Pets - Resveratrol based anti-aging formula for a healthier and longer pet life.

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  • Juvenia Gel and Juvenia Chews
    Nutraceutical supplement based on Resveratrol that stops the deterioration of aging, producing a better quality of life. Juvenia formula is the only anti-oxidant with scientific study back up and is found in our Gel and our Chews....

  • Juvenia Gel Packaging: 8oz bottle.

    Juvenia Chews Packaging: 5.30oz (30 chews)

    Juvenia™  by Sauzul Pharma LLC, is a brand focused on developing products to make our pets happier and healthier.

    What makes our products different?

    Juvenia is the first Resveratrol product for pet in both treat and nutragel form. Resveratrol is a natural active with the highest antioxidant power in the world, that inhibits oxidative stress damage caused by free radicals, decreasing muscle loss, loss of bone mass, and DNA impairment. 

    Resveratrol has been used as a powerful antioxidant for decades and now with Juevnia™, it can now keep our pets healthy, active, and feeling like the younger versions of themselves throughout their lives.

    Juvenia is the only product that has been endorsed by the International Scientific community for the recent publication of a clinical research paper with unprecedent results.

    What make us Unique?

    Only Juvenia Gel has the right vehicle that ensures high palatability facilitating its administration to the dog. This is super important for us because when we see our pet companion suffering from any disease or showing first sings of aging, the continuity of the treatment without interruptions is key. And also, because it is aligned with Animal welfare practices avoiding medicalization trauma.

    Which are the available options for Dogs?

    Juvenia Chews

    Our chews also contain powerful antioxidant boosters like Curcumin, Fish Oil and Vitamin A and C.

    Juvenia Chews is the new and unique treat that your dog will love and ask you for everyday and we know why.

    Juvenia Gel

    Our Gel includes Nutragel, which acts like a vehicle in the digestive system to make sure all ingredients are properly absorbed as your pet enjoys a great tasting formula with their food. 

    Benefits of Juvenia Dogs Chews

    • Improves aging by providing energy, stamina and overall health support 
    • Supports joint and bone strength and flexibility -
    • Healthier coat and skin 

    Who validates all this?

    • Consumers: A quantitative consumer research with more than 300 cases was held among Juvenia users. (Fresh Research Agency) Results showed that:
      • 95% of survey participants said that their pet's health has improved since they started consuming Juvenia.
      • 80% of survey participants noticed that their pet recovered certain behaviors or actions they had stopped performing.
      • 99% of the survey participants agree on the fact that they feel happy whenever they see their dog feel better,
      • 99% would recommend Juvenia as their dog has definitely looked more enthusiastic since it started consuming it.

    What make us believe in Juvenia?

    We believe in TRUE BONDS. We know that when we are blessed with the unconditional love of our pets, the joyful moments, and family happiness, we only want to extends those as much as possible.

    We use Technology and Innovation for the only PURPOSE of making those bonds last longer.