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United States
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 Eco-Bedding is the cleanest and most enriching bedding material availble.  For Small Animals and birds. Works great with puppies too!

Brands: Eco-Bedding, Eco-Bedding with Odor Control, Eco Forage Pak, Eco-Nest Pack and more.!


    Eco Bedding® Pink and Blue - NOW WITH ODOR CONTROL !...

  • Our famous and super enriching Eco Bedding Colors are now available with our famous and super odor control agent!  1.5 lb., 3.0 lb retail bags and 30 lb. in-store use.  Eco Bedding is scientifically proven to provide the ultimate enrichment and comfy bedding for all your small animals, birds, puppies and more.  Economical and easy to use, Eco Bedding Colors brighten up any store use situation.

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