Pawz Dog Boots

Brooklyn,  NY 
United States
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PAWZ Dog Boots - disposable-reusable-waterproof, made of natural rubber. Serious year round protection. 12/pack.

MAX WAX all natural paw wax.  

SANIPAW - Daily paw sanitizing Wipes & Spray. Alcohol Free & Non Toxic. Eliminates 99.999% Bacteria, Virus, Fungus and Odor.

Brands: Pawz Dog Boots MAX WAX paw wax SANIPAW - Spray & Wipes


  • Sanipaw Spray & Wipes
    SANIPAW - Daily paw sanitizing WIPES & SPRAY. Alcohol Free & Non Toxic. Eliminates 99.999% Bacteria, Virus Fungus and Odor. Your dog's good health starts with clean paws....


    Your dog steps in all sorts of nasty “stuff” during their walk, runs around your house,jumps on your bed and curls up on your pillow. Enough said. 

    SANIPAW - Paw sanitizing Wipes & Spray counter display. 6 wipes/6 sprays.
    Eliminates 99.999% of Bacteria, Virus, Fungus and Odor.
    * 100% safe for daily use
    * Alcohol free + non-toxic
    * Lickable
    * Unscented
    * Hypoallergenic
    * Use after each walk
  • PAWZ Paw Care Essentials Floor Display
    This 62 pc. Floor Display contains all your paw care essentials: PAWZ Dog Boots - 38 packs of boots in the most popular sizes MAX WAX paw wax - (10) 60g & (2) 200g SANIPAW - (6) Wipes / (6) Spray...

  • All your paw care essentials in a 62 pc. Floor Display/ Hanging Display.  This PAWZsome Display showcases  our PAWZ Dog Boots. Max Wax and Sanipaw.