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Petralyte Corp is a pet supplement company focused on manufacturing, marketing and selling Petralyte. Petralyte is a tasty, electrolyte and nutrient enhanced supplement created for dogs, and it is proven to be more efficient than water alone. With each purchase, we donate Petralyte to an animal in need around the world.

Brands: HYDRATE YOUR BEST MATE - For Chicken, Beef and Turkey Lovers!


  • Petralyte - Electrolyte Supplement
    Petralyte’s electrolyte supplement is a proprietary formula created by a team of veterinarians that will increase water intake, while delivering a delicious load of nutrients. Petralyte comes in three animal-favorite flavors: chicken, beef, and turkey....

  • Water is a building block of the body that carries nutrients, removes wastes, and enables thermoregulation. It acts as a lubricant for joints and a shock absorber for bodies in motion. Dehydration related to heat stress is one of the most common preventable causes of death in dogs. Dogs lose water when they dissipate heat and therefore require water to maintain performance when exercising. Many common canine health problems also result in a loss of not only water but also electrolytes.

    Although dogs are also warm-blooded mammals who capitalize on evaporative cooling to thermoregulate when hitting the trail on a hot day, they do not have the same physiology as we humans. We lose a lot of water and sodium when we sweat, but dogs—when panting to cool off—lose water. Studies show that oral electrolyte solutions increase water intake and promote recovery in exercising and working dogs. You have your favorite electrolyte drink for rehydrating, but it was not made for dogs and is too high in sodium for their canine needs.

    That’s why Petralyte developed an electrolyte powder that will provide your furry friend with an abundance of nutritional benefits.