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With over 100 years of collective experience, Only An Ocean understands what it takes to be successful in the pet care trade. We provide the pet industry with exceptional and proven pet products such as Beco, PoochieBells, Max&Molly, HOWND, PetDreamHouse, 5Strands, Doggie Dippers, Prestige Pets, and The Dog Treat Company.

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Brands: Poochie-Pets/PoochieBells, Max & Molly, 5Strands, Beco, Hownd, PetDreamHouse, The Dog Treat Company, Prestige Pets, Doggie Dippers


  • Max& Molly POP Tower
    Max & Molly make a towering statement with a new striking store display. Standing 78 inches tall this four-sided black tower commands attention and displays a full line of vibrant eye-catching dog & cat collars, leashes, bandanas, and keychain designs....

  • Max & Molly make a towering statement:

    Max & Molly look to make a substantial impression in 2021 with a striking store display.  Standing at 78 inches tall this four-sided black tower commands attention on the floor and proudly displays the full line of vibrant eye-catching dog and cat collars, leashes, bandanas, and keychain designs. 

    Constructed from corrugated plastic the towering satin black display truly showcases the creative urban pop designs the Max & Molly brand is known for. The display is simultaneously sturdy yet surprisingly lightweight making it easy to move to ensure MAXimum visibility. 

    Retailers looking to shake things up can’t go wrong. The tower holds $3,500 in product within a 24x24 inch footprint, ships flat, is easy to assemble, and includes a double-sided header sign, with 60 black metal hooks. ISO bundles are available at 

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  • Doggie Dippers by The Happy Mutt Nut Company™
    Dip-Dip, Hooray! Doggie Dippers are a fun way to take a dip with your best friend. Small, portable and healthy Doggie Dippers come in 6 fantastic flavors and two sizes. Share the love dipping delicious carob and coconut biscuits in artisan peanut butter....

  • Doggie Dippers: Lunchbox Love

    In primary school nothing was better than opening your lunchbox and finding those cute cheese n’ crackers packs with the red plastic stix. It was a simple way for a parent to show you how special you are and their love. Now you can share that same experience with your furry best friend with Doggie Dippers from The Happy Mutt Nut Co., but instead of a plastic stick you dip delicious carob and coconut biscuits in artisan peanut butter. Perfect for a trip to the dog park, an outdoor café, or a mountain adventure. Doggie Dippers come in 6 lip smacking, roof sticking flavors such as Cranberry Crush, Double Carob, Coconut & Honey and in two sizes (3.5oz & 6.3oz). All flavors have a resealable lid and the larger 6.3 oz ‘pot’ fits in a cup holder and can be used as a disposable water dish to wash all the goodness down. 

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  • BlueGreenTest kit from 5Strands Affordable Testing
    Test it before you regret it. 5Strands Affordable Testing BlueGreenTest® kit is the first and only on-site personal use test that can literally save your dog’s life from this invisible toxic killer effecting waterways all across the US and North America....

  • Nutrient pollution is one of America's most widespread environmental problems, caused by excess nitrogen and phosphorus in the air and water.  Too much of these nutrients in the water causes significant increases in algae that can harm the water quality, food resources, habitats, and decrease the oxygen supply.   Some of these blooms are harmful to wildlife, pets, and humans because they can produce harmful toxins and bacterial growth. Dogs are especially susceptible to these harmful algae because they swallow water while swimming and doing activities (such as retrieving a ball from the water) and symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, difficulty breathing, seizures and worst-case death. 

    The 5Strands BlueGreenTest® kit is the first and ONLY on-site single step test kit that takes just 15 minutes to process with results that are immediate, sensitive, and clear. 

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  • PetDreamHouse Interactive Feeding Products
    Showcase the full spectrum of innovation and color with the revolutionary multi-functional line of slow feeders from PetDreamHouse. Unique ‘game-like’ interactive bowls, stimulate natural slow feeding rather just making it “more difficult to eat.”...

  • Dream Big with PetDreamHouse:

    The goal of PetDreamHouse is to bring innovative eye-catching products in a coordinated line that turns feeding into an interactive activity. We believe in the concept that ‘game-like’ slow feeding is better than simply “making it difficult to eat.” Our multi-functional feeders let pets enjoy a natural slow feeding experience while reducing bloat and other unpleasant effects of eating too fast. 

    Our PAW Slow Feeder and PAW 2-n-1 are a fun unique feeding plate that separates food into multiple mini bowls to stimulate foraging and slow feeding.

    The SPIN line actively engages pets with the bowl’s moving components providing a moderately different feeding experience at each meal. Unlike stationary slow-feeders, these game-like feeders keep dogs/cats entertained while also exercising their minds. 

    The New SPIN DISC is a multifunctional flying disc that can be used for fetch toy or a lick mat and is compatible with all SPIN bases.

    Dreams really can come true with PetDreamHouse.

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