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PAWKET TREATS // portable dog treats 


  • Dog Treat Dispenser
    Introducing the ultra-slim, ultra-portable Dog Treat Dispenser! Fast-to-fill and fun to use! Slide the anodized aluminum shells apart, drop in 15 of our coin-sized treats, close the shells and go! Comes with a hip clip, strap and leash sleeve...

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    Dog Treat Dispenser Video

    The PAWKET TREATS Dog Treat Dispenser was launched on Kickstarter in June and quickly became the most-funded "Dog Treat" project in the history of the platform. 


    -simply slide the shells open and drop in a stack of treats


    -the anodized aluminum shells are both strong and beautiful


    -hold your coffee with one hand, give a treat with the other! 

    To meet the needs of every dog owner, each Dispenser comes with an optional hip clip, strap or leash sleeve. The hip clip can be snapped on with no tools needed, the strap makes is super easy to pull the dispenser out of your pocket, and the leash sleeve is a "dangle-less" design that hugs your leash (it also has a hidden pocket for cash or your keys!). 

    Each Dispenser is 5 inches long, 1.15 inches wide, and .75 inches thick. They hold 15 coin-sized treats, and each treat is 1 inch diameter and 3mm thick (same as two quarters stacked). There are currently three colors: Graphite, Silver Pink and Steel Blue. 

    Say goodbye to crumb-filled pockets and plastic bags! 

  • Roll of Coin-Sized Treats
    35 coin-sized treats wrapped in a greaseproof biodegradable paper. They're sold as an impulse item at checkout (similar to candy/gum/mints at grocery stores) and designed for portability. Think "Lifesavers" or "Necco Wafers", only for your dog!...

  • Imagine if chewing gum was only sold by the pound, and if you wanted to take it with you... either for your car, your coat, or your purse... you had to grab a handful and transfer it to a ziploc bag before leaving home. 

    This is what humans do with dog treats every single day! Dog treats are not designed for portability, and when we're away from the house is when we need treats most! 

    Humans have chewing gum, mints and candy that are designed to be with us, and now, dogs do too! Introducing PAWKET TREATS Roll of Coin-Sized Dog Treats!

    They're a roll of coin-sized dog treats full of superfood ingredients, manufactured in a brand-new human-grade facility in Bend, OR.  The nostalgic “necco wafer” from-factor and the $4.95 price-point make for the perfect impulse purchase; and since PAWKET TREATS are designed for portability, they're perfect for pet parents out grabbing a coffee! 

    50% wholesale margins on all products, first orders ship free regardless of size, fixed $5 shipping on single case refills, free shipping on reorders of $225 or more. The "singles" come in a flip-top display box with 15 rolls / case. They retail for $4.95 and wholesale for $2.50 ($37.50/case). The "3-packs" come in a tear-top display box with 10 packs / case. They retail for $14.95 and wholesale for $7.50 ($75/case)  


    Each roll starts with a human-grade peptide or collagen-peptide blend, which are essentially small chains of amino acids (the building blocks of life!... helping with protein synthesis, tissue repair and nutrient absorption).  They're far easier to digest than regular proteins, and are rarely found in pet food due to cost.  The second ingredient is always carob, which is becoming more common in pet treats since it's a great source of fiber, calcium and antioxidants.  Arrowroot and Tapioca are next, both of which are grain-free rootstock starches that are fairly common in home cooking.  They're full of b-vitamin, calcium and iron and help with digestion.  Our natural flavors are plant extracts that help with acceptability (smell and flavor); and the tiny bit of rosemary extract we use is to help prevent oxidation as the biodegradable paper isn't a full barrier (meaning some oxygen can permeate the wrapper).

    The Wrapper:

    OUR environment is incredibly important to us, so we went a little crazy with our wrapper! All of our treats are wrapped in a greaseproof biodegradable paper that's 100% paper pulp - no wax, no plastic, no metal - and we use a water-based ink from plant-based pigments for the die. It's sustainably made by an incredible company, and we're so happy to be using it for our treats!