Armis BioPharma  

Fort Collins,  CO 
United States
  • Booth: 7264

Armis Biopharma has a growing pipeline of anti-infective therapeutics designed to address antibiotic resistance and healthcare-associated infections. Our passion is to improve societal health by protecting humans, animals and the environment from harmful viruses and chemical agents. ArmiVet and ArmiClenz are new brands that can keep pets healthy and and pet owners happy on a daily basis! 

Societal interest in personal wellness and lifestyle enhancements has expanded to include the pets/animals we love. ArmiVet and ArmiClenz are two products that allow prevention and faster healing of many issues that can have a negative effect on a pet's life. 

Brands: ArmiVet Topical Wound Care Spray helps heal cuts, scrapes, rashes and hot spots. It has an environmental friendly formula that has superior efficacy. ArmiClenz is an EPA registered disinfectant and odor control spray for Pet Boarding, Grooming, Kennel and medical facilities.


  • ArmiVet for wounds, scrapes, hot spots & rashes
    ArmiVet is an extremely effective clinical-grade topical spray for large and small animal wounds, cuts, scrapes, rashes and hot spots. It has superior efficacy and potency with no harmful ingredients. ArmiVet helps our pets live a more enjoyable life!...

  • Made in the USA, ArmiVet combines over 10 years of research and experience developing technologies for human and animal health care. Armis Biopharma created ArmiVet to bring the same quality, effectiveness and safety standards in our human care products to animal care. Use ArmiVet with confidence knowing it's both effective and contains no harmful ingredients.