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  • (Aug 09, 2021)


    Hayley McIntosh / 519-760-3465 /

    Earth MD was founded on a desire to provide pet owners with safe and effective alternative remedies with no harmful side effects. We believe in an all-natural approach that is dependable and 100% reliable. 


    Owners, Bobby and Julia have been immersed in the pet industry from a young age. Bobby has worked in both the retail and manufacturing sides of the industry and has more knowledge about pet products then most people have access to. Bobbly grew up breeding and boarding dogs at “Second Home Pet Boarding” and has extended expertise when it comes to breeds, health and general care. Bobby also managed production for True Raw Choice learning much about how products are made, inside information about brands and met various representatives of companies. Julia has a degree in Biology from Guelph University which she originally planned on using to become a veterinarian. Those plans changed however upon learning that she would have to compromise her morals to do so. She decided to look for alternative ways to help animals and landed on nutrition and natural medicines. Julia is currently taking online courses to become a certified Clinical Pet Nutritionist in order to better help her customers. She has also been published in the Fort Erie Observer and Pet Connection Magazine.

    Bobby and Julia have been the owners/operators of their pet store “Thors’s Healthy Pet foods” since 2015, Earth MD since 2017 and Second Home Pet Boarding since 2019. Having been in the industry for over 25 years and often being asked questions A-Z about pet care, medications and more, Bobby and Julia decided to take matters into their own hands. Earth MD was founded in 2017 with the intention to not only educate but to show the functional and powerful aspects of all natural/ holistic products. The Earth MD line of supplements are impactful and most importantly safe. With their products in over 800 stores across Canada in a just a couple of years it’s clear that their customers love and believe in their products as much as they do. 

    Earth MD Helping you, to help your pets.

    This year at SuperZoo Earth MD is excited to be talking about their new products which include Vet refresh, Gut Balance, Probiotic Plus, Eye Support and Urinary Care. Earth MD will also have their original supplements and colloidals available. Earth MD goes above and beyond providing customers with blog posts, youtube videos and social media pages that provide information on all of their products, keeps customers up to date regarding new products, sales and endless education about the pet industry as a whole. Earth MD is a company that is not only interested in further educating their customers on their own products but provide people with guidance in any form regarding pets. You can learn more by visiting, following earthm.d on Instagram or searching earthmd on Facebook.


  • Outdoor Shield
    Flea & Tick Prevention...

  • Deters fleas and ticks by making the blood poisonous as well as bad smelling to insects. Works similarly to common flea and tick products however the traditional medications are pesticides, meaning they are poisonous to everyone where as the ingredients we use are insecticides, meaning they are only poisonous to insects.
    In low risk areas we recommend giving it to your pets for a week every other month. In high risk areas we recommend one week every month. We also recommend doing 10 days for high metabolism pets like puppies/kittens. There is no harm in giving extra as it is not poisonous to mammals, however the blood stream can only absorb so much.
  • Calming Aid
    Relieving anxiety and stress...

  • With stress increasing in today’s society, whether it be from school, jobs, or just everyday life, stress in our pets is also increasing. Have you ever noticed that when you get upset about something your dog either tries to comfort you or starts acting odd? Our pets emulate our emotions, whether good or bad. A high-strung individual is much more likely to have a high-strung dog. However, some dogs and cats simply feel anxious in certain situations. The most common include trips to the vet, being left alone (separation anxiety), and thunderstorms. People now-a-days are searching for remedies for their stressed-out pups. Let me introduce Earth MD’s Calming Aid.

    We developed our Calming Aid with these dogs in mind that have high anxiety, especially in certain scenarios. This supplement will not fix hyper and will not make your pet perfectly calm, but it helps them deal with symptoms of stress and anxiety. For those of you with high energy dogs, there is no better remedy for crazy hyperactive pets than exercise! Below are the ingredients in the Earth MD Calming Aid supplement and what they do to help induce a calm state.

  • Colloidal Silver
    Antibiotic, Antiviral, Anti-fungal ...

    1. For Cleaning Wounds and Skin

    Keep wounds, burns, skin conditions, hotspots, ringworm (a fungal infection) and other open sores clear of bacteria and other infectious agents.

    1. Eye and Ear Infections

    Ear and eye infections can be caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or all of the above, which are all killed by silver nanoparticles. It is a good option when you do not know if an ear infection, for example, is caused by bacteria or by fungus.

    1. Anti-inflammatory

    Its anti-inflammatory abilities are not often discussed, but it has been shown in recent studies that silver can decrease inflammation and swelling, which can increase healing!

    1. Cold/Flu

    The great thing about Colloidal Silver is microbes take longer to develop resistance or immunity to it, unlike conventional antibiotic drugs. This means those antibiotic-resistant superbugs have nothing to defend themselves against the wrath of silver nanoparticles.

    1. Respiratory and Urinary Tract Infections

    These types of infections are very common in cats that use poor quality clay litters that are full of dust. The Colloidal Silver would be ingested to treat these infections to work from the inside out.

  • Digestive Care
    High in fibre and prebiotics, Helps with stool regularity and density...

  • The first two ingredients, pumpkin seed and psyllium husk, are added in equal amounts. Pumpkin seed is high in soluble fibre and psyllium husk is high in insoluble fibre. Pet owners tend to use dietary supplements most commonly for diarrhea. However, most of the pet supplements out there contain primarily pumpkin, which actually helps with constipation more than diarrhea. Our Digestive Care contains both in order to deal with constipation and diarrhea at the same time. We decided to use pumpkin seed rather than pumpkin because it is much more nutrient dense, containing more minerals and fibre per serving.

    One side effect of chronic diarrhea that we wanted to address is nutrient loss. When an animal has diarrhea for an extended period of time, they not only lose water. They are unable to properly absorb vitamins and minerals from their food since it is not being digested properly and often moving too quickly through the digestive tract. Because of this the body can become deficient and weak. The wheatgrass is in our Digestive Care formula in order to mitigate this. Since it is extremely nutrient dense even if the animal absorbs a small amount of the vitamins and minerals it contains it can help prevent deficiencies.

    The final ingredient, burdock root, is pretty amazing on its own. Another of the issues animals come across is inflammation in the bowels when digestive problems appear. The burdock root helps with this because it is anti-inflammatory, and therefore soothes inflamed digestive tracts. Burdock root is also a good source of inulin, a prebiotic that good bacteria in the gut love to feed on. By helping the good gut flora grow you can help reduce the presence of pathogenic bacteria that can cause digestive problems. This can aid in preventing digestive issues happening in the first place.

  • Environmental Aid
    A natural antihistamine, our Environmental Aid works similarly to pharmaceuticals like Reactin or Benadryl. By blocking the allergy receptors it is able to stop the body from having an allergic reaction as opposed to steroids, which hide the symptoms....

  • Antihistamine that effects both the H1 and H2 receptors. This is similar to Reactin in humans, but the plants we use don’t have any side effects, where as the chemical ones do. Our product can be given to dogs with food allergies to help with the symptoms while you make the change to a different food, but the diet change is by far the most crucial part.
  • Diatomaceous Earth
    A natural pest control option, DE kills insects that walk across it without harming mammals. DE can also be used internally to kill internal parasites (such as worms), detox the stomach, increase calcium absorbtion and more....

  • While it won’t harm a mammal, to something as small as an insect the Diatomaceous Earth is abrasive. Warning: it is also abrasive to reptiles, so do not put it on them! The DE sticks to insects that walk over it and rubs off their protective waxy coating. Once the coating has been removed, they rapidly lose all of their body moisture. The bugs literally dehydrate to death. This may seem mean, but when you have dealt with a flea infestation or bed bugs no mercy shall be had.

    In order to kill bugs, simply sprinkle where the insects are found. For example, if you are trying to deal with fleas on your pet and in your house, rub DE all over your pet (not in their eyes or nose, they may cough) and sprinkle around carpets, beds, and baseboards. Make sure to get down to the skin on those long-haired breeds! DE is also an effective ant killer as well.

    DE is also used for killing internal parasites, such as round worms. The DE damages the intestinal worms, causing them to die and be expelled. Simply feed a tspn or so for a week to kill internal parasites!

    DE binds toxins in ingested items and in the colon while it passes through the digestive tract. The bound toxins can then pass through the body safely, before causing damage. For example, DE was used to decrease fungal toxicity in chickens [2], as well as reduce radiation poisoning in humans.

    Calcium is an important mineral for bone and joint health. A study by K. R. Martin [3] showed that consuming silica leads to increased bone mineral density. This means more calcium being absorbed and deposited in bones for a stronger, healthier skeleton!