Alaska Naturals Pet Products

Bellingham,  WA 
United States
  • Booth: 1953

Alaska Naturals Pet Products produces the very best supplements for your pet. We only use oils from wild caught Alaskan Pollock and Salmon harvested from sustainable fisheries out of the icy waters of Alaska. All product is made in the USA, and every aspect of our process is carefully monitored through all stages of production to provide full traceability.

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  • Alaska Naturals Pet Omega 3 new packaging
    New Packaging with the same outstanding oil inside. Our blend of Wild Alaska Salmon Oil and Wild Alaska Pollock Oil has shown itself as an outstanding omega 3 oil. Support for skin and coat and the cells inside our pets. ...

  • Our oils are always Wild Alaska Salmon Oil and Wild Alaska Pollock Oils blended at a 50:50 blend ratio. Our blend of Wild Alaska Salmon Oil and Wild Alaska Pollock Oil has shown itself as an outstanding omega 3 oil that takes care of skin and coat smoothly and fortifies the cells to function flawlessly as they support the organs inside your pet. Our oils are wild caught in the greatest fisheries in the world for Wild Pacific Pollock and Wild Salmon oil. Our oils are clean and there is no need for high heat distillation that other companies use to clean up dirty oils. Due to very little industrial pollution getting into the Alaska waters, oil 3rd part tested oils show undetectable levels of mercury, PCB's or other heavy metals. Our oils come from fish that are caught for human consumption. This is what we mean when we say that Trident Seafoods is 100% vertically integrated and we use all of the fish to make products. Being the largest seafoods company in North America is a big deal and we are honored to have our family run business be such a big star. Keep in mind, when you watch Deadliest Catch on Discovery that is sponsored by Trident and staffed by Trident guys and gals. We are extremely proud of the brave captains and mates that make that show the hit that it has become over the years.
  • Wild Alaska Salmon Skin Treats
    Wild Alaska Salmon Skins are a real TREAT!! Dogs go crazy for them. They crunch like a Lay's potato chip while they clean teeth like a Waterpik does. And they are an all natural treat too....

  • We have been working in the Alaska waters since 1973, that is 48 years of fishing commercially. We are the largest seafoods processing company in North America and we are 100% vertically integrated. That is why we are bringing dried Wild Alaska Salmon Skins to market for your pets. You see we do not fish our catch to make salmon skins nor treats nor oil. We fish for the meat/protein to sell in the stores. Being 100% vertically integrated means that we use every part of the fish we catch to make something rich and lovely for all mammals to eat. This is how our Salmon Skin Treat came to market-utilizing every part of the fish we pull over the rail an into our holds. Our Wild Alaska Salmon Skins are dried in Everett, Washington in an industrial smoke house drier that delivers the very best crispy skins that dogs will crave and enjoy everytime you bring them home. Our skin treats are easy to break apart so you can give a safe treat that will be easy for little dogs up to big dogs to enjoy. These luscious bite sized piecs that are full of flavor, can clean tarter off the teeth and bring dog smiles and human smiles together. Wild Alaska Salmon Skins, bring familes together house by house.
  • Pacific Pollock Jerky Treat
    Pacific Pollock muscle meat dog treats that even cats would love!!...

  • It is one of the largest bio-masses in the world, Wild Pacific Pollock. Our nets are filling up with Wild Pacific Pollock out of the Bering Sea. Pacific Pollock is a mild fish in terms of aroma, light taste and very lean meat. Our Pacific Pollock are wild stock, living on wild diets, swiming in wild environments in USA waters that are caught by fisherman and fisherwomen from USA and then processed by USA processing plants. Our Pollock Treats are from wild stock from some of the cleanest ocean waters in the world. Your pets will find these treats delectable and delicious while you feel proud that you have given them the very best protein money can buy.