Curry on a Stik'

Ocala,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 1941


  • Curry on a STIK'
    Innovative Professional massage, grooming, bathing for horses, dogs and cats. Patent pending design has an ergonomic handle & double-sided head with coarse & fine teeth..Material TPE rubber with carbon fiber interior.weighted & perfectly balanced....

  • Curry on a STIK' is a patent pending design for convience, efficiency, durability & performance. This weighted & balanced professional massage grooming bathing tool is for horses dogs & cats. One size, one color is a performance work horse, designed to release stagnation & get the Chi & blood to flow to release pain. Vet tested & recommended at the Chi Institute & Dr John Landlois, DVM TCVM in Ocala, fl. The initial idea was to have a tool to help people with arthritis & children with small hands to easily hold a curry.

    Having the right tool- we have what we feel is the BEST. A multi-purpose tool for EVERYONE. Curry on a STIK' solves the problem!

    If your approach is to get the hair off well that easy. If  your goal is to massage the skin, muscle, facia stimulating circulation & opening the micro-vasculature, releasing natural oils as well as having a meaningful experience than our brush coupled with proper technique will do that.

    Grooming is one of the best ways to know what is going on with respect to your animals health. we are not your every day brush- we created this brush as animal lovers, for animal lovers, by animal lovers.

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