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Dog Earplugs Are Here!

CrittEar's patented, in-ear dog earplugs, perfect for buffering loud noises, diffusing anxiety, and protecting hearing. Future products include handler-to-dog communication. For dogs 2 to 100 pounds, our foam, and coming soon silicone, earplugs contour to a dog's unique ear canal for a comfortable, custom fit.

Perfect for companion, hunting, and working dogs. Our customers love them for: 

  • Fireworks
  • Thunderstorms
  • Grooming
  • Airplane Travel
  • Dock Diving 
  • Shooting Competitions
  • Working Dogs
    • K9 & Military Working Dogs
    • Law Enforcement
    • Search & Rescue 
    • Therapy

See us at booth #5159: say hello, check out our products, and get in on our show deals! Distributors welcome!

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 Show Specials

  • New Wholesaler Package

    Be among the first wholesalers and retailers to carry CrittEar in-ear dog earplugs! CrittEar's Calm memory foam dog earplugs provide a custom, snug fit in a dog's unique ear canal to buffer sounds that contribute to anxiety. No more fireworks or thunder fear! Loyal customers love CrittEar's dog earplugs, because dogs can't fear what they can't hear! If you sign-up as a CrittEar wholesaler by September 17, 2021, here's what you can expect:

    • Free Shipping

    • Save an extra 10% off of the already discounted wholesaler price

    • 40 pair of Calm dog earplugs that retail for $1,400 for a total of $630 (plus tax)

      • extra small (10 each)

      • small (10 each)

      • medium (10 each)

      • large (10 each) 

    • Personalized training and display consultation

    • Client material to aid in sales and use

    New Groomer Package

    Groomers who partner with CrittEar will have a unique edge over their competion! With CrittEar's Calm memory foam dog earplugs groomer's furry clients will get a custom, snug fit that protects ears and buffers blow dryer sounds. No more anxious dog! Soon to be a standard in the grooming industry, you'll want to be one of the first to use CrittEar's in-ear dog earplugs. If you sign-up as a CrittEar groomer by September 17, 2021, here's what you will receive:

    • Free Shipping

    • Save an extra 10% off of the already three pack pricing

    • 4 Calm Groomer Packs that retail for $340 for a total of $306 (plus tax)

      • small (1 each)

      • medium (1 each)

      • large (1 each) 

    • Personalized training and consultation

    New Affiliate Package

    We're looking for new affiliates who would love to aid us in helping more dogs manage their noise anxiety! If you are a pet blogger or social media guru, let's talk as we're looking for SuperZoo partners! Here's what you can qualify for:

    • Free pair of Calm dog earplugs
    • Social media collateral
    • Super generous commission
    • Monthly payment
    • Creative partnership

    Come see us at booth #5159 and check out our dog earplugs and our show specials -  we'd love to chat with you!

 Press Releases

  • In-Ear Dog Earplugs Are Here! Thanks To CrittEar®, Dogs Can't Fear What They Can't Hear!

    CrittEar Earplugs Made Specifically For A Dog's Unique Ear Canal Debut At SuperZoo 2021

    Seattle, WA June 1, 2021 - Dogs have waited for this anxiety and noise buffering solution forever: in-ear, dog earplugs! That's right, earplugs made for a dog's unique L-shaped ear canal are here thanks to CrittEar, the patent-holder of earplugs made specifically for dogs. Susan Hansen, owner and developer of CrittEar dog earplugs, utilized her extensive audiology background to put an end to dog's noise anxiety with comfortable, custom-fit dog earplugs. CrittEar offers Calm, a high-quality memory foam earplug that, when properly inserted, contours to a dog's ear canal to provide noise relief. Calm is available now in single pair, three pair, and a groomer-specific pack that contains their three most popular sizes. Calm fits dogs from 2 to 100 pounds.

    “My experience and expertise in audiology, combined with veterinarian input has brought CrittEar dog earplugs to fruition – and more importantly, provides a much-needed resource to help protect dog’s hearing,” said Susan Hansen, CrittEar’s CEO. “While humans can detect sounds between 20Hz and 20,000Hz, dogs can hear sounds four times farther than we can, and they can also detect sounds in the frequency range of 40 Hertz (Hz) to 60,000Hz. This is why all dogs need Calm in-ear earplugs.”

    Calm foam dog earplugs are perfect for dog's occasional use in the following situations:

    • Dealing with noise anxiety
    • Grooming and blow drying
    • Veterinary visits
    • Travel
    • Hunting
    • Fireworks
    • Thunderstorms
    • Lawn and farming activities
    • ATV rides with the family

    Calm also provides unique assistance for working dogs, therapy dogs, and other dogs who are often in loud environments.

    CrittEar is expanding its lead in the industry by developing silicone-based earplugs, called Quiet, for dogs that require a more solid noise-canceling experience, like when flying in a plane as an example. Quiet will be available to customers and wholesalers in the last quarter of 2021. In 2022 CrittEar will release several other in-ear products, including a dog earplug that buffers noise while also serving as a communication tool between handlers and their dogs, including K-9's and military working dogs. 

    Calm dog earplugs retail for $35 a pair and $85 for three packs. Discount pricing is available for wholesalers. To read additional information about CrittEar and their in-ear dog earplugs, visit them at their website

        Media Contact: Rebecca Sanchez, Chief Operating Officer, CrittEar,


  • Dog Earplugs - General Information
    CrittEar dog earplugs are the first, patented, in-ear hearing protection made specifically for canines. Our products are made for all dogs, including fuzzy BFFs to search and rescue and professionally handled dogs....

  • CrittEar, is the first of its kind: in-ear, earplugs for dogs! Patented in-ear hearing protection for dogs, recommended by vets, and made in the USA. We offer Calm, a noise buffering dog earplugs made of specially formulated memory foam.

    Calm was created for dogs with noise phobia and noise anxiety from thunderstormsfireworks, and for dogs that are in situations where there are loud noises and need hearing protection.

    Upcoming Products

    In fall of 2021 Quiet will be available! Made of silicone, Quiet is best suited for dogs who travel by plane, are involved in shooting activities, or require stronger hearing protection for longer periods of time.

    In 2022 we will offer our Working dog earplugs. Made of silicone, Working provides noise and hearing protection and allows for in-ear communication from the canine’s handler via UHF transmitter. Law Enforcement, Military, and Search & Rescue. 

    We are planning for Hunt, for discharged firearms sound protection while amplifying necessary sounds for hunting. Elite, made of silicone, combines the best of all of our dog earplugs while allowing in-ear handler communication with amplification of low level sounds. 

  • Calm, In-Ear Dog Earplugs
    Calm by CrittEar, is the first patented, in-ear dog earplugs! Perfect for pups 2 to 100 pounds. Special memory foam contours to a dog's unique ear canal for a custom fit. Stops loud noise anxiety!...

  • Calm, by CrittEar, is the first patented in-ear dog earplugs that provides anxiety relief and hearing protection for dogs. Featuring revolutionary sound quieting technology, matched with an ergonomically-perfected design to provide dogs, 2 to 100 pounds, sleek, custom-fit hearing protection. Made in the USA.

    Protects Hearing

    Dogs hearing is much better than humans'. Calm protects dog's sensitive hearing.

    Calming Effect

    Contoured foam provides sound buffering for dogs experiencing noise sensitivity and anxiety. 

    All-Natural and Drug-Free

    Medication and sedatives are expensive and unhealthy. Calm is an all-natural, drug-free solution to protect your dog's hearing while calming their noise anxiety.

    More About Calm:

    These groundbreaking earplugs allow dog owners to protect their dog’s sensitive hearing while they also provide a sense of calm and comfort during anxiety-provoking situations, like fireworks, thunderstorms, vet visits, grooming, etc.

    This product is sold in a Single Pair, 3-Pack Pairs, and the Groomers Pack includes small, medium, and a large pair.

    Stop by our booth (#5159) to say hello, and to get our show deals! Distributors? Stop by!

  • Groomer Pack, 3 Sizes Dog Earplugs
    Our patented Calm, memory foam dog earplugs in a three-pack, available in our most popular sizes. Perfect for groomers! Protects dogs ears from getting wet, and made for dogs 13 to 100 pounds....

  • Our Calm dog earplugs, made of specialized memory foam, custom mold to a dog's unique ear canal, to create the perfect water barrier during grooming sessions! Prevents water from entering a dogs ear canal, and can help guard against a potential ear infection. Calm also calms dogs by diffusing loud sounds like blow dryers and nail trimmers. Easy in, easy out, and just wash and dry in-between grooming sessions. Our Calm Groomer Pack includes the three most popular sizes of our patented dog earplugs to fit dogs from 13 to 100 pounds.  

    Vet Recommended

    CrittEar, the maker of Calm dog earplugs, collaborated with veterinarians and other pet professionals to develop in-ear hearing protection that fits snug into dog's ears. Designed to buffer loud noises and help keep dogs calm.

    Perfect Water Barrier

    No more shaking of the head, dogs learn to associate a more quiet and calm grooming session with our dog earplugs. They are even used during swimming and dock diving events.

    CrittEar Groomer Pack is the single tool that will help groomers get the edge by providing a fear free environment for their furry clients. 

    Stop by our booth (#5159) to see our products and for our Groomer Special!