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Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat

Cheyenne,  WY 
United States
  • Booth: 6025

Dr. Elsey''s Quality Products for Cats - Matching cat owners with the right food and litter solutions.  Dr. Elsey’s goal is to provide products that help cats live happier, healthier lives and provide litter box solutions for the life of your cat.
Dr. Elsey’s litter line is all natural, low in dust and contains no perfumes or deodorants.

Brands: Ultra Litter, Ultra Scented Litter, Classic Litter, Cat Attract Litter, Kitten Attract Litter, R&R Respiratory Relief (clay or silica), Touch of Outdoors Litter, Health Monitor Litter, Senior Silica Litter, Long-haired Silica Litter, Litter Attractant, Urine Removal Program; Cleanprotein Cat Food