Montreal,  QC 
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Eco-Pet Shower's Nanotechnology has revolutionized the pet industry and brought it to new heights. This is the most advanced and powerful science in the world as it works at the nano scale ( one billion times smaller than a meter), where scientists are able to control and program the molecules of our ingredients and give them new enhanced properties they never had before. It is what allows us to have EVERY single feature possible in one formula !

All of our solutions have these same basic properties :

- Plant based with ZERO chemicals

- Hypoallergenic and Tearless 

- Removes dirt, stain, grease, dander, odor ( we don't mask like all generic products, nanoparticles are able to 100% eliminate odor molecules), more

- Organically eliminates (doesn't just prevent, but activitely targets) bacteria, viruses and infections as they are found at the nanometer

- Heal as our plant enzyme nanoparticles reach the roots of the skin, rejuvenate coat and dry,flaky skin

- Much more

Our Tick & Flea 100% organically kills pests with ZERO pesticide or poisoning of any kind while killing of the bacterias and healing the wounds. Nanoparticles target

oils located in insects shells. Revolutionary !

Brands: Nanotechnology: Making Plants Stronger Than Chemicals. We do what no one else can, that is to have every single possible feature in one formula. No other product on the market can 100% organically kill bacteria, viruses, infections and insects.