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Evangers Dog and Cat Food Co., Inc.

Markham,  IL 
United States
  • Booth: 1975

The only remaining family-owned and operated pet food cannery in the U.S., Evangers offers USA-sourced nutrition.

Brands: Evanger's Evanger's Organics Hi Bio Superfood Against the Grain


  • EVx Restricted Diet Line
    Evanger’s Pet Foods' EVx Restricted Diet Dinners for Cats focus on common issues, such as overweight cats, aging cats, joint issues, and cats with kidney disease, renal failure, pancreatitis issues, urinary tract health and digestive disorders....


    Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Company, manufacturer of award-winning made in the USA pet foods for over 80 years, is proud to launch EVx Restricted Diet Dinners for Cats, an innovative line of food formulated by certified nutritionists to help address the most common feline health issues. Trusted as a leading innovator and the solution-based company for health and wellness issues, Evanger’s and this newest cat food line is on-target for helping independent pet specialty retailers benefit from incredible healthy solutions with incredible margins and be able to offer solution-oriented cat foods to pet-parents seeking solutions to common health issues. 

    Made in the USA Evanger’s EVx Restricted Diet Dinners for Cats was born to help solve the most common cat health issues such as:

    • overweight cats and feline weight management,
    • aging cats (joint issues, kidney disease and renal failure, etc.)
    • pancreatitis,
    • urinary tract health, and
    • digestive disorders.

    Cat-parents can be overwhelmed at the number of choices for their beloved kitties, especially when their veterinarian recommends restricting the diet for any reason.  This 100% made in the USA line lends itself nicely to making the decision easier for cat parents, offering them an incredible value price point while still delivering optimum nutrition to and help solving health problems for cats.

    All EVx Restricted Diet Dinners include Alltech NVGEN for “feeding the gastrointestinal tract for healthy aging”.

    The new Evanger’s EVx restricted diet USA cat food line includes:

    • Bland Diet-Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe is a great option for cats with digestive issues.
    • Urinary Tract-Boneless Beef Chunks in Gravy with Cranberries & Taurine, support for cats with struvite urinary crystals.
    • Weight Management-Chicken, Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe is great for weight control.
    • Low Phosphorus-Boneless Chicken in Broth Recipe and good option for kidney concerns, renal failure, and low phosphorus needs by being low in calcium, magnesium, ash, starch, fiber, and carbs.
    • Senior & Joint Health-Salmon, Taurine L Carnitine, Glucosamine and Chondrotin great for not only older cats, but overweight and cats with joint issues.