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FoodScience, LLC

Williston,  VT 
United States
  • Booth: 4161

FoodScience, LLC is a leader in animal supplements with the Pet Naturals and VetriScience Laboratories brands. We have over 40 years of experience producing high-quality supplements that are grounded in research, backed by science and driven by results.

Brands: VetriScience Laboratories, Pet Naturals


  • Heartibles™
    Heart healthy dog treats made with taurine and omegas...

  • Heartibles™ are heart healthy dog treats that your pup will simply love! These scrumptious chews feature amino acid taurine and omega-3 fatty acids to support your dog’s heart health and help boost their energy levels. Heartibles™ are available in four irresistible flavors - salmon, peanut butter, cheese and chicken - that’ll have your dog begging for more! Made without chickpeas, lentils and other legumes, Heartibles™ are great for specialty diets such as grain-free and raw. No added wheat, corn or salt ensures that your best buddy is getting just the good stuff. Heartibles™ can help keep your pupper’s heart healthy and strong for a lifetime of adventures together!
  • BusyButter™ Calming® Peanut Butter
    Calming® peanut butter for dogs...

  • BusyButter™ combines yummy, organic peanut butter with four effective calming ingredients that keep working long after your pup licks it up! With an easy squeeze pouch, no-mess BusyButter™ can be added to a fillable toy to keep playtime going at home or on the road. It’s even suitable to give your dog an extra serving or two when the situation calls for it! A unique combination of Thiamine (Vitamin B1), L-Tryptophan, lemon balm and L-Theanine (Suntheanine® brand) promotes calm behavior in anxious or stressed dogs. BusyButter™ is crafted in the USA and made without added sugar, salt or artificial ingredients.
  • Composure™ Long Lasting
    All day calming support for dogs with separation anxiety...

  • Composure™ Long Lasting provides extended calming support for dogs experiencing separation anxiety. It’s also great for traveling, boarding, holidays, routine changes and more. Composure™ Long Lasting is clinically shown to promote calm behavior for up to 8 hours.*

    Composure Long Lasting is a powerful blend of four effective ingredients that keep your dog calm throughout the day. Shoden® Ashwagandha, a multi-patented form of this restorative herb is clinically proven to help reduce stress and promote restful sleep. Patented Colostrum Calming Complex® Biopeptide Blend, Thiamine (Vitamin B1) and L-Theanine (Suntheanine® brand) each play key roles in supporting balanced behavior and relaxation in dogs.

    During times of added stress, you can double or triple your dog’s dose. These tasty chicken liver-flavored chews can be given to your dog on a daily basis or simply as needed.

    *CanCog Technologies Study “Assessment of Calming Properties of Composure™ in Beagle Dogs with a Noise-Induced Model of Fear and Anxiety”

  • Vetri Cardio Canine
    Heart support chews with Taurine and L-Carnitine in a new, retail-exclusive size...

  • Vetri Cardio Canine is formulated to support cardiovascular health and function in dogs of all ages. These tasty chews help maintain heart muscle strength, reduce oxidative stress and support cardiovascular function. This formula helps increase your dog’s energy levels by supporting circulation and utilization of oxygen. It’s specifically recommended for breeds predisposed to cardiovascular stress, dogs with pre-existing sub-optimal cardiovascular function, and senior or geriatric patients who can benefit from heart support.