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  • No More Drama
    This calming formula has origins dating back to 200 AD. This Eastern formula efficiently alleviates stress by regulating the nervous system without loss off motor skills. Combined with CBD and 3rd Party Tested, 0% THC....

  • No More Drama Calming formula has origins dating back to 200 AD. This Eastern traditional formula is highly efficient in alleviating a stressed pet by optimizing their nervous system without compromising motor skills.

    Pet parents inherently want to do what is best for their furry family members. No More Drama is an all-organic natural, safe solution that empowers the pet owner to manage anxiety and stress of their pet, a hard challenge that most pet parents experience.

    The highest quality of full spectrum CBD is included in No More Drama to increase efficacy at regulating the nervous system. Like the FDA approved CBD derivative used for seizures in children, the traditional formula has been used for seizures in both humans and pets.

    The herbs do not overly sedate the nervous system. Motor skills are not impaired because of the herbs’ self-regulating effects and 3rd party tested 0% THC. No More Drama will leave your pet relaxed yet alert and ready to go if there’s an emergency or need to move.

    It is extremely helpful for any event that could invoke stress including vet visits, car rides, fireworks, aggression and helping relieve pets’ separation anxiety associated with the pandemic. 

    No More Drama packaging was designed with sustainability in mind. Each box is intended to be reused to store future product and our bottles are recyclable. As pet parents return to place another order, they’re enrolled in our “We Believe” sustainability program in which they keep the box and we ship them a new bottle and syringe.

    They are our fur babies, sidekicks, bed hogs, couch cuddlers, quarantine buddies and most of all our best friend. They're there for us in the highs and lows of our lives so why should we settle for anything less than the BEST when it comes to their health.  Healthy Paws Herbal Labs uses human-grade traditional herbs that have been used for hundreds of years to treat animals and human alike.

    Move over turmeric and lavender. There are over 1,000 different herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Dr. Kyle Burton has over 15 years prescribing them. You’ve heard of the trendy herbs and yes, they can help certain ailments. But is there something better? With so many herbs that are available, why are the same ones being used to treat every possible ailment imaginable?

    The answer is most products aren’t made by an herbalist. Herbal medicine is as complicated as pharmaceutical medicine. It takes years of schooling to understand their complexities and efficacies. Dr. Burton has been practicing since 2006 after completing a master’s program in Traditional Chinese Medicine which not only includes acupuncture, but in-depth study of herbology and possible interactions with pharmaceuticals. Even after being licensed to practice, he went back and completed his doctorate and other herbal veterinarian courses to further his knowledge.

    Instead of white label “one herb to treat all” product, herbalist Dr. Kyle Burton formulated targeted symptom relief formulas customized for pets inspired by the efficacy and great results he saw in his human patients. We combined them with organic broad-spectrum hemp oil sourced from an industry leading, FDA registered lab in Colorado Springs. The hemp oil gives the formulas an extra potency in its ability to decrease inflammation, lessen pain, and to calm an often overly excited nervous system.  Our hemp is third party tested to ensure there is 0% THC.

    Our line has nine different formulas to treat the most common ailments our pets may experience throughout their life. Unlike a pharmaceutical’s long list of potential side effects, herbs offer side “benefits”.  At Healthy Paws Herbal Labs, we are passionate about providing next generation wellness solutions to improve the quality of life and health of the pets you love. Our furry kids are family, so you deserve to know and trust the face behind the company.