Doggy Bathroom

Montreal,  QC 
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The Doggy Bathroom is the only indoor potty solution for small breeds including males who lift their leg. Vertical pee pads line the dog litter box, keeping messes in one easy to clean space.

Brands: Creators of the only dog litter box with vertical pee pads. Products include Pee Pad Holders, Adhesive Pee Pads, Pickup Bags, and accessories. Made in Canada. Launching new products at SuperZoo!


  • Doggy Bathroom
    The Doggy Bathroom is a dog litter box for toy breeds including males who lift their leg. Our pee pads are outfitted with an adhesive strip to affix vertically inside the Doggy Bathroom, ideal for leg lifters. Its seamless design makes cleaning easy....

  • The Doggy Bathroom is an indoor dog litter box with vertical pee pads designed for small dogs (20lb or less) including male dogs who lift their leg. The rubberized drop-in base keeps the Doggy Bathroom securely in place and is offered in four colors for customization. The base can also be used as a potty training device and as a pee pad tray. The Starter Kit comes with a pair of rails that simply snap into place on both sides of the enclosure, allowing dog owners to secure pee pads  vertically, either with our handy clips or with our adhesive pee pads. This innovation is the first of its kind, leading the company to earn six patents worldwide. A custom mat is placed at the entrance of the Doggy Bathroom to prevent any unwanted paw prints from going beyond the litter box. It is soft to the touch and is made from washable, absorbent microfiber terry cloth. Although the Doggy Bathroom was created with males in mind, females can equally use the product by removing the rails. The Doggy Bathroom can be used as a potty-training device for puppies, as a seasonal solution for small breeds who cannot withstand extreme weather, or as a permanent solution for dogs and/or owners with limited mobility.