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Korea (South)
  • Booth: 5963

KAMY''s ZOO cares about environmental issues seriously and strive to produce eco-friendly products to keep our planet healthy. 

We always make the highest quality products with love for furry friends'' health and happiness.

Our main product is tofu cat litter, ''I AM TOFU'' which is an eco-friendly cat litter made by pea fiber and corn starch. 

Special grounded catnip powder, ''I AM CATNIP'' is organically grown and long lasting aroma with special know-hows gives a burst energetic fun for cats.

We also produce cat''s house and hammock for your cat''s perfect privacy and resting.

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    I AM TOFU is an eco-friendly litter that cares about our planet. It is 100% biodegradable and can be flushable and compostable after used by cats. It will return to nature when throw it in water or soil...

  • 'I AM TOFU' is naturally made by soya bean, pea fiber, and corn starch. It does not contain any synthetic additives, chemicals, or clay, so that harmless to cat.

    Our litter is 100% biodegradable and water-soluble. You can flush it down or use as compost after used by a cat. 

    [99% Dust-Free] - I AM TOFU has less dust and reduces the risk of respiratory and eye disease for cats and families. With pellet particles no more messy tracking on the floor.
    [Strong Absoprtion] - Has 400% absorption ability which means can absorb up to 4 times their weight.
    [Instant Clumping] - Use natural clumping formula, clump within few minutes and easy to scoop. You don't need to scrap the sides or bottom of the litter box anymore.
    [Excellent Odor Control] - With strong deodorization power, it effectively removes odor of cat’s excrement.