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Jiminy's makes dog food & treats that are delicious, nutritious, humane and truly sustainable.  What makes our products sustainable? They're made with cricket protein! Crickets are a sustainable, prebiotic superfood using exponentially less land, water and feed than traditional protein.  Jiminy's nourish your pet & promote a healthy planet. 


  • Jiminy's Cricket Crave and Good Grub Dog Food
    Jiminy's Cricket Crave and Good Grub are eco-friendly dog foods delivering holistic health for dogs of all life stages. Nutrient-dense insect protein in baked dog food. Delicious, Nutritious, Sustainable, Humane, and Hypoallergenic. ...

  • Jiminy’s is proud to showcase two kinds of nutritious and sustainable dog foods with Good Grub and Cricket Crave. These recipes are healthy, delicious, and were curated with the environment in mind. Unlike traditional dog foods on the market, we make Good Grub and Cricket Crave with insect protein powder, offering immediate sustainability benefits to the pet food customer. Cricket Crave features cricket protein powder, oats, quinoa, sweet potato, and other plant-based ingredients. Good Grub features grub protein powder, sweet potato, quinoa, oats, pumpkin, and other plant-based ingredients. Both formulas focus on a dog’s gut health, are prebiotic and hypoallergenic. Suitable for all life stages, Jiminy’s recipes are soft-baked and highly digestible. These new formulas are set to become the most sustainable and eco-friendly dog food option available on the market, with almost no greenhouse gas emissions and less land and water use vs. traditional protein-based dog foods. Switching one dog from a chicken-based diet to a cricket protein diet saves 480,000 gallons of water per year!

  • Peanut Butter & Cranberry Good Grub Training Treat
    Jiminy’s makes this soft & chewy training treat with grub protein, which is a great alternative protein source that’s both humane and sustainable. Featuring wholesome ingredients: peanut butter, cranberries, oats; each treat contains less than 3 calories....

  • We're pleased to introduce the newest innovation to the Jiminy's family with our Peanut Butter & Cranberry Flavor Training Treat! This soft & chewy treat is the first formulation containing grubs instead of cricket protein powder. The peanut butter and cranberry combination is the perfect blend of sweet and savory that your fur baby will adore!  With less than three calories a treat, these soft & chewy training treats are designed as a training reward for pets of all ages. Peanut Butter & Cranberry is malleable and breakable for all training or pill pocket needs. Our formula features completely natural ingredients like peanut butter, cranberries, and oats without using corn, wheat, soy, or other fillers. By simply replacing your traditional training treat with our Good Grub Training treat a single dog owner can make a real difference in combating climate change. Sustainable, humane, and hypoallergenic – these treats have it all!