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Koowill, Inc.

Menomonie,  WI 
United States
  • Booth: 6739

V UNITED Great Tasting Dental Chews are uniquely designed and patented to improve your dog's overall oral health. Our dental chew has a dental-fit system for outstanding cleaning power. Made in the USA with natural ingredients. Chicken flavor. No artificial color, flavor, or preservatives. No added grain or gluten. GMO-free. 4 chew sizes / 3 pkg sizes.

Brands: V UNITED Great Tasting Dental Chews


  • V United Great Tasting Dental Chews
    Our Dental-Fit System with patented design “V” grooves fit around your dog’s teeth to help remove plaque and tartar. The flexible, chewy texture allows teeth to sink in for maximum contact. Made in the USA. Available in 4 chews and 3 pkg. sizes....

  • Oral health is an essential factor for overall health. Koowill's V United Dental Chew offers an innovative dental treat for your dog's health. We are pleased to provide a complete Dental-Fit System designed to easily reach and remove plaque and tartar along the gumline.

    Totally unique and patented dog dental chew design with unique "V" grooves to fit around teeth to remove plaque and tartar near the gums, while flexible, chewy texture allows teeth to sink in for maximum surface contact.

    Long-lasting despite being easy on the gums, V United is built to last. That means more time for your dog to enjoy chewing on their favorite new "treat." Pet owners will enjoy the natural fresh breath results of V United chews.

    • Made of AAFCO approved natural ingredients plus zinc acetate. 
    • Delicious chicken flavor. 
    • Does not contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
    • No added grain or gluten.
    • Non-GMO ingredients. 

    V United Dental chews are molded similar to the way noodles are made, making them soluble in water and easily digested.

    It is proudly made in the USA.

    Address- 815 Nordson Cir. Menomie, WI     Email-    Website-  Call- 833-625-0632