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  • There is a huge pet epidemic that impacts millions of dogs worldwide!

    When it comes to poor digestion, weight concerns and immune disorders, dogs are suffering. That’s because when a dog’s gut is unhealthy, food nutrition is lost with poor digestive function.

    MuttGut offers a new to market prebiotic, probiotic, fermented & supercharged formula to boost your dogs gut health.

    “We have been mindful to select the best ingredients from around the world, including over 30 individually sourced strains of bacteria. But it’s our unique fermentation process that is the differentiating factor …that, and a good sprinkling of love,” explained MuttGut’s Top Dog, Michelle Griffin
    It’s all to do with gut-brain connection. There’s such much to learn about the gut -- now recognized as the “second brain.” The nerves are like a super-highway in the body that carry sensory information back and forth - gut to brain and back again.

    Neurotransmitters like Serotonin and Gaba are triggered in the brain but produced in the gut. That only happens if your dog has a healthy gut …Which means that superhighway to the brain needs to be working effectively

    Our goal at MuttGut is to restore a healthy microbial balance while relieving  your dog’s symptoms caused by poor gut health.

    That’s why we’re so excited to launch MuttGut. We see the benefit of treating the root cause. Imagine how much time and money is wasted by pet owners because they never get to the root of the problem. MuttGut is designed to solve this problem.

    MuttGut is a comprehensive microbiome gut support system -- it’s total gut health. MuttGut is easily displayed at the point of purchase or on the shelf and no temperature control storage is required. We offer two sizes as larger dogs require a larger monthly supply. There are multiple markets for expansion: equine, feline and many more.

    We are proud that MuttGut is manufactured in the USA!


  • MuttGut
    MuttGut is a microbiome support system that helps restore microbial balance, digestive health and aids in nutrient absorption. At the center of it all is our proprietary fermented formula, which starts working from the very first dose....

  • Dearest Dog Lover,

    How’s your best friend’s gut today? In sickness and in health your relationship with your dog is for life. At MuttGut we want your dog to live an extended life of joy, vitality and love. That’s why our motto is Love Your Dog Inside And Out.

    MuttGut the first Microbiome Support System of its kind. Our proprietary formula was designed because microbiome dysbiosis in the gut can cause all kinds of symptoms: smelly and runny poo, constipation, booty scoots, hot spots, paw licking, weight gain, low energy, anxiety, inflammation, and so much more!

    MuttGut’s fermented, spray-dried formula is packed with robust antiviral peptides and cytokines for anti-oxidant protection against free radicals. In the lab MuttGut shows higher levels of growth factor G-CSF known to mobilize regenerative stem cells. The metabolites in our formula work quickly for long term support in your dog’s gut.


    Forever yours and aiming for paw-fection,
    Top Dog