Shed Defender

Irvine,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 5521

Put pet hair in it's place! The Shed Defender is a versatile onesie contains pet hair, reduces anxiety, helps with skin conditions, alleviates allergies, covers hot spots, replaces the medical cone and more. Made from a premium, eco-friendly, breathable fabric, the patent-pending and veterinarian approved Shed Defender is a must see! 

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  • Wearable Magnetic Leash
    The Wearable Magnetic Leash acts as a typical leash, but instead of unclipping it to take it off, it safely wraps around dog’s collar using our patented magnet design. Just grab the handle, unravel, and you’re good to go! ...

  • The new Wearable Magnetic Leash provides a safe, convenient way to store your dog’s leash when you don’t need it, without the hassle of unclipping it from your dog’s collar. It looks and acts like a typical leash, but instead of taking it off your dog, it can be safely wrapped and stored around the dog’s collar using our patented magnet design. When you’re not using the leash such as in the car or at the dog park, it is securely and conveniently stored around the dog’s collar. Then, when you need the leash and are ready to go, just unwrap it from the collar and you’re off! The five foot leash is made from high-quality, durable materials and features a soft neoprene padded handle and reflective stitching to increase nighttime visibility. The Wearable Magnetic Leash will be available for $39.99 starting in November of this year.