Bird Street Bistro

Torrance,  CA 
United States
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  • Bird Street Bistro's Variety Pack
    All natural Parrot Food for your beloved avian companion. You don't have to worry about fillers, additives, sulfites, preservatives, artificial colors, sugars, salt or, artificial flavorings. Pure, Natural, The way nature intended....

  • Wondering what to feed your parrot? Bird Street Bistro. Think of fresh-picked produce, fruits, grains and spices - the best healthy food for parrots! With Bird Street Bistro, your parrot can enjoy a balanced and healthy blend of healthy grains, all natural vegetables and delicious fruits, all seasoned with health oriented spices. All of Bird Street Bistro varieties have an organic blend of dried vegetables and nutritious grains seasoned with lively, fresh spices. You never have to worry about artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives! Your bird deserves better than a "bird protein bar" or pellet. Bird Street Bistro blends contain all natural proteins and minerals derived from mother nature. Always, pure and simple, the way nature intended.

    • All-natural hearty green with nutrients selected for your fid
    • Supports eye, heart, and feather health
    • Boils to cook in as low as 3 minutes

    Since 2010, Bird Street Bistro has been on a mission to change the way we think about psittacine nutrition. Parrot malnutrition is the leading cause of parrot illnesses which is largely due to unhealthy seeds, lack of parrot care education, and misleading and low-quality products in the parrot food market. Our mission is for parrots to THRIVE, not just survive. We are making a difference by creating nourishing blends from all natural and organic grains, freeze dried and air-dried natural vegetables and non-GMO fruits – no added fillers, preservatives or sulfites. Bird Street Bistro is formulated to give your parrot the nourishment it needs to live a long and happy life.

    This is what parrot parents have to say:

    "I have been serving this wonderful variety of healthy foods to my birds for a few years now.
    They absolutely love it and never get tired of it. It's so versatile, there are so many varieties and it's easy to change it up every once and a while. Sometimes I combine 2 or 3 of the mixes, of course only the ones with the same cooking directions, and I add many many different fresh chopped vegetables, and sometimes fruit, and just cook it all up together. I could never offer all this variety and nutrition twice a day, every single day, like I do, because of working and other time constraints."

    "Even my pickiest birds love your Hearty Veggies food. I also sometimes mix in either the Apple Berry or Southern Feast just to add extra flavors. No one turns up their beaks at these products."

    "My conures love this stuff! They eat their entire meal instead of just picking through it and making a mess."

    "I usually feed fresh veggies but this makes a great birdie breakfast in the morning. Quick and easy to fix too."