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  • Buck Bone Organics Premium Grade A Antler Chews
    Nature's Perfect Eco-Friendly Premium Grade A Elk, Deer & Moose Antler Chews. All-natural, gluten free, and odorless. Proudly sourced & made from naturally shed antlers across the USA!...

  • Buck Bone Organics offers a full line of natural-shed Deer, Elk, and Moose antler chews that are perfectly sized for any dog to enjoy.

    NATURE'S GIFT FOR YOUR DOG- HAND CRAFTED & responsibly sourced antler made into a perfect, eco-friendly, premium antler dog chew. Antler chews are an all-natural and long-lasting treat that can be easily digested without upsetting sensitive stomachs. 

    Our premium chews are made strictly from Grade A sheds, selected by our experts from the freshest wild antlers with no cracks, highest moisture content, and a rich cream to brown color. No animals are harmed in our process and we utilize every part of the shed. 

    Whether it's Small, Medium, Large, or Jumbo, all of our antlers satsify the need to chew and are an excellent source of Calcium, Phosphorous, and Protein. 

    Our Elk Antlers are available in two different cuts, split and whole. The Split Antlers, are split in half to expose the inner marrow and are a great choice for dogs new to antler, or less aggressive chewers. The Whole Antlers are recommended for dogs with stronger jaws, making the dog work through the "outer shell" to get to the yummy marrow filling. 

    Looking for a challenge for the power chewer? Try the Deer Antler, which is the most dense of our antler chews with the thickest outer shell. Dogs have to nibble their way in from the outer ends, and slowly wear the antler down over time to get to the inner marrow. 

    Moose Antlers, have the thinnest outer shell creating a slightly softer chew, loved by all. 

    Antler chews are MORE THAN A BONE. They promote mental stimulation and emotional security. Antler chews help remove tartar and plaque build up on teeth naturally and are free of additives, dyes, or yucky odors. 

  • Made with Real Antler - Biscuits & Dental Chews
    Buck Bone Organics Made with Real Antler Collection is the first of it’s kind on the market, featuring Original Recipe Antler Biscuits and Dental Chew Sticks made with a combination of our House Milled Ground Antler Powder and Superfood Ingredients....

  • The Made with Real Antler Collection by Buck Bone Organics is the first of it’s kind on the market, featuring our Original Recipe Antler Biscuits and Grain Free Dental Chew Sticks made with a combination of our House Milled Ground Antler Powder and Superfood Ingredients to keep your pups happy and healthy. 

    After perfecting the antler chew, the creation of a product line that incorportated the natural benefits of antler came naturally. Staying true to our commitment of quality, we picked the best ingredients that were not only tasty, but beneficial as well. As always, our products are free of dyes & additives, and made with all-natural ingredients, specifically selected to aid in your dog’s overall well-being.

    Buck Bone Organics Original Recipe Antler Biscuits are baked with 70% Organic Ingredients like, Organic Oat Flour, Organic Flaxseed, Real Beef, and our very own House Milled Antler Powder to help support healthy gut function, joint health, immunity, and healthy skin and coat. Available in medium and mini sized biscuits, these treats will leave your pup feeling good and begging for more.

    Our Grain Free Dental Chew Sticks feature a star shaped design that helps power through tartar and stimulate gums, leaving your dog’s breath minty fresh and teeth sparkling clean. Made with simple and healthy ingredients that are specifically selected to benefit more than just your dog’s oral health. Our House Milled Antler Powder acts as an abrasive to help clean teeth & boost immunity. Apple is high in fiber and helps freshen breath & clean teeth. Peppermint & Parsley to freshen breath & support gastrointestinal health. Kelp to support a healthy metabolism and Turmeric to reduce inflammation.