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The original Buddy Belt harness was designed and prototyped in 1997 by company founder and CEO, Roxanne Pettipas. Inspired by and named after Pettipas’ miniature dachshund, Buddy, the Buddy Belt officially launched in 2001 at Toronto’s annual PET Expo. 

Buddy Belts unique low-cut design cradles your pet’s chest, minimizing pressure on the neck and spine to prevent damage to the trachea. This comfortable harness fits around the front legs and fastens over the back with just one buckle. Each harness is crafted from top quality materials to form a sleek, streamlined, and durable product. 

Available in a rainbow of colours, Buddy Belts come in a variety of sizes to fit various small pet breeds and dogs, from teacup and toy to standard. All Buddy Belt harnesses should be worn with a snug fit for maximum comfort and mobility, and optional BB Liners are also available for sensitive dogs. Other Buddy Belt products include: BB Leashes, BB ID Collars, BB Poopurses, BB Key Fobs, BB Charms and BB Couplers. For more information about, and to shop visit:

Buddy Belts are made by a dedicated, dog-loving team. Buddy Belts strives to nurture and maintain personal relationships with all customers and BB Brand Agents and re-sellers. Buddy Belts is a brand in demand, continuing to expand its presence in the global market with hundreds of locations across the globe. 

At Buddy Belts, we are committed to creating quality products that will have your pet feeling safe, comfortable, and stylish!

Brands: BUDDY BELTS: Luxury Leather Harnesses, Liners, Leashes, ID Collars, Poopurses, Key Fobs, BB Charms NEW: BB SPORT Neoprene/nylon Buddy Belts ‘sporty’ harnesses & leashes.