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United States
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Canine Caviar is The First and ONLY Alkaline based dog food.


  • Leaping Spirit Dry Kibble
    The Leaping Spirit Dry Kibble consists of only one protein: Venison. The Venison is partnered up with Pearl Millet to create the perfect food mixture to keep a dog healthy and happy....

  • Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach

    Canine Caviar’s Leaping Spirit sensitive stomach dog food is the best dog food for sensitive stomach problems. If your dog has a sensitive stomach it’s important that its diet is carefully tailored to it. Leaping Spirit is sensitive stomach dog food friendly so you rest easy knowing your dog’s health issues are being addressed properly.

    Limited Ingredient Diet

    Canine Caviar’s Leaping Spirit is a limited ingredient dog food. It’s the type of diet a wolf would eat in the wild so you can be assured your dog is eating a natural diet.

    Single Protein Method

    All products are single protein dog food based, this helps avoid as many dog food allergies as possible and aides in easier digestion for your dog. Canine Caviar’s Leaping Spirit single protein dog food centers around venison.

    Gluten Free

    Leaping Spirit is a gluten free dog food. Its a safe food product for dogs who are allergic to gluten and dogs who suffer from epilepsy.

    100% Hypoallergenic

    We understand that there are many dog food allergies to address so we design our hypoallergenic Leaping Spirit recipe specifically for dogs with allergies

  • Raw Alternative
    Canine Caviar's raw alternative products includes a specially made vegetable mix- Synergy, a Kelp mix, and our canned wet dog food. This is the closest and healthiest option next to a raw diet!...

  • Synergy:

    Great Source of Fiber for Dogs

    Canine Caviar’s Synergy Dehydrated Vegetable Mix is a great source of fiber for dogs. This fiber is great for dogs suffering from loose stool and diarrhea.

    High in Protein

    Our Synergy Dehydrated Vegetable Mix is high in protein making it an excellent choice for your dog.


    Holistic Dog Food

    Canine Caviar’s  Organic Norwegian Sun-Cured Kelp is a holistic dog supplement. This means our products are focused on being specifically designed for optimal nutrition and the overall well being of your dog. Holistic dog supplements like our kelp for dogs do not use processed parts or by-products of ingredients and is as natural as possible.

    Canned Dog Food: 

    Limited Ingredient Diet

    Canine Caviar’s Synthetic Free Duck Dog Food is a limited ingredient canned dog food. It’s the type of diet a wolf would eat in the wild so you can be assured your dog is eating a natural diet.