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Pet Factory Inc.,

Mundelein,  IL 
United States
  • Booth: 5139

Pet Factory has been a trusted source for quality toys and handcrafted chews for over 30 years. We provide the highest quality 100% made in USA beefhide that is safe and healthy, and foremost, good for your pet.

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  • CareChewz® Collagen Mini Rovers
    Mini Rovers are our most sustainable chew yet designed for smaller dogs that utilize raw material completely while still being good for your pet. Handcrafted in Illinois, 100% Collagen from beefhide chew made with your dog’s health and well-being in mind....

  • CareChewz® are the thoughtful chew, handcrafted and made from USA-raised cattle. These chews are made of 100% Collagen with your dog’s digestion in mind. What makes CareChewz special is Digest-A-Boost®, no other chew is safer or faster in digestion for your pet.

    The new Mini Rovers are Pet Factory’s look into the future, sustainability, today. These smaller chews focus on reducing waste by maximizing raw material while still putting dogs-first.

    Every dog deserves a safe and healthy chew, Mini Rovers just help the planet out too.

    Finally, a collagen chew that’s the right size for the small size. 

    We care about your pet, we care about their chews.

  • CareChewz® Collagen +Plus
    Our crunchy chicken coated collagen chews are one of a kind. These handcrafted chews are enhanced with Digest-A-Boost® for better digestion. CareChewz® are made in the USA using only USA cattle with no artificial preservatives....

  • CareChewz® are handcrafted and made from USA-raised steers. These protein packed chews are made up of 100% Collagen from beefhide with your dog’s health and well-being in mind. What makes CareChewz® unique is Digest-A-Boost®, no other chew is faster or safer in digestion for your pet. Collagen Plus combines the health benefits of collagen with added nutrition and delicious flavor. 

    +Plus Certified more than 99% digestible by independent lab

    +Plus Hydrolyzed Chicken Protein reduces allergic reactions

    +Plus Essential amino acids

    +Plus Helps reduce the severity Inflammatory Bowel Disease

    +Plus Bioactive Peptides, antioxidants and nutrient absorption that helps improve dog’s natural metabolism

    +Plus No artificial fillers or preservatives

    +Plus Delicious crunchy chicken coating that dogs love

    Collagen + Digestibility + Delicious Flavor = happy healthy dogs