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De'Vora Pet Products

Pomona,  NJ 
United States
  • Booth: 4124

De’ Vora is a modern pet-focused brand committed to providing products and opportunities that foster relationships between pet owners and their pets. Dedicated to improving the health and wellness of pets, De' Vora produces a diverse line of pet products that caters to many needs. 

Brands: Scratch Square health and wellness toys serves as an emery board for pets that are crafted for proper pet engagement and topnotch grooming.


  • De' Vora Products POS Display for Scratch Square
    Our motion detection POS display offers a unique interactive experience. With voice overview prompts and video, your customer will have a personalized experience that caters to their individual needs....

  • The sophisticated POS display for retail locations attracts the eye of consumers thanks to a motion-activated television display. The video display shows three different-sized dogs, playing, having fun, and filing their nails as they do so. The before and after images offers convincing proof of the realistic results pet parents can expect. The plug-and-play display unit is easy for retailers to install and helps drive store sales.

    The POS Display features the popular product, Scratch Square which has undergone a packaging redesign that better communicates to consumers how to use the grooming toy. Nico, Charles, and Trevor, three adorable dogs who all use the Scratch Square on a regular basis feature on the redesigned and visually captivating package. The backside of the package includes a, easy to understand and detailed visual description of how to use the Scratch Square.